"The landlord"

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Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



For the last ten years my apartment complex has had several missing people reported and strangely they were all women. One night I had my girlfriend spend the night in the apartment room where the girls have gone missing. I had put a camera in the bedroom that she didn't know about. 

She agreed to spend the night in the room. It was around 2 am when the door to the room silently opened and a man stepped into the room with some rope and a creepy smile around his face. He watched the girl asleep for a few minutes and then he had turned a light on. My girlfriend woke up and screamed. I had heard her scream and got into the room in time. 

I tackled the man to the ground and punched him giving him a black eye. He got off the ground and escaped. I slept the rest of the night with my girlfriend. The next morning we checked out the apartment. I found a secret button on the floor that opened up what looked like a small bunker underground. We went down it. 

To our horror we saw about fifty  cages lined up that looked like human cages. We had a feeling that whoever the man was we had found his secret room. My girlfriend called the landlord to ask if she can call the police to report the room. 

The landlord said he'd be right there to check the room out first and begged us to not call the police. We agreed. I had left the room to go get some lunch for the two of us since we both were hungry and a little frightened. There was a knock on the door. My girlfriend told the person to come in. And to her horror a man stepped into the room holding rope and he had a black eye. She froze as the man said 


"Don't be alarmed I am the landlord and I see you found my secret"

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