The thief who stole my life

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Me noticing that her heart beats for another man

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



In the past few days you haven’t been the same.

You are distracted.

I walk in front of you and you don’t even say hi.

You stare up in the sky and you sigh.

When you dream you say a name that’s not mine.

When I kiss you your lips are cold as ice.

That’s why I came here to tell you. 

Just by looking into your eyes I know there’s someone else. 

I notice you been dreaming with someone else.

You have become colder.

Just answer me.

How is he, in what place did he fall in love with you?

From where is he, what does he do in his free time?

Ask him why has he stolen a piece of my life. He is a thief, the thief who stole my life.

I have dignity, I will let you go.

I hope he gives you everything I couldn’t. 

Don’t call me, don’t look for me.

From this moment forward he and you have killed me.

 I am not your friend anymore, I gave you my everything and it was not good enough.

The place I had in my heart for you is now closed.

Go, don’t make him wait.

Eventhough I am dying inside.

Inner thought.

I will miss her and will never forget her. 

I had to be cold to her, that way  she won’t feel bad about me loosing a piece of my life.

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