Nightmare's Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two siblings have just graduated from high school. And they have a great plan to start off their summer. A certain machine they wish to make. But in order to produce this, they must retrieve
special ingredients, from the Nightmare's Forest. A place inhabited by creatures who only come out in the darkness, and hunt their prey. The siblings must take from the Nightmares in order to
finish their plans. But it is not as easy as it seems.


Calia was sitting on her chair, reading a book. It was her favorite chair in the house. It was dark red, fairly large, and felt soft. It was the biggest singular chair in the living room, only beaten by the couches and beds. She preferred this to read in, since it made her feel warm and safe, the definition of what a home should feel like. The fireplace was lit, set to a low blaze. This allowed for the cold house to become hotter, not too much or too little. But enough to out due the freezing temperature from outside. Calia had just come home from graduation. She had successfully made it through high school. She had been very excited for the ceremony. Only thing was, she hadn’t expected it to take so long. Calia had returned to school at 4:00pm, and was driven home by her father at 8:oopm. Perhaps it was all the prep, the six hundred and seventy eight students that had been nominated to graduate, the pre- speeches, and after speeches. All the parents and family members scrambling to get as many pictures and videos as they could of their children. Or the food offered after the occasion, to anyone hungry. These could have been the factors that led to it being so long. Calia herself was admittedly pretty shy during the whole thing. But one thing helped her through it all.


Just as she thought of him, he walked into the living room. He was carrying an apple in his hand, and a notepad in the other. He sat down on the couch adjacent from Calia. He took a bite of his apple, and began to inspect the notepad. On it were various sketches and reminders and ideas for a project they had been planning since the second semester. He bit down again on his apple, this time facing Calia.

“ Hey sis. Nice graduation huh? Who woulda known we’d make it this far.” Calia looked up from her book.

“ Yeah, it was a lot more...involved than I thought it would’ve been.” Her brother chuckled.

“ Well yeah, that’s usually how it is. Though it was more in depth than middle school.”

“ Isn’t that to be expected though?”
“ Sure it is. I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m just saying that it’s more real once you actually experience it for yourself, you know?”
“ Yeah, I do.”

“ I just wish it didn’t get so cold during the second half. If the principal would’ve just shut up and moved on a little quicker we wouldn’t of been ice cubes out there.” Calia giggled.

“ Yeah, it could’ve gone faster.”


Her brother looked down at the notepad, he seemed like he wanted to ask a question. But he didn’t, so Calia spoke the words for him.

“ Damien, are we finally gonna put our plans into action?” He seemed a bit relieved to have gotten the words out, even if he didn’t say it.

“ Yeah. Definitely. We have the time now. Summer gives us three months to do whatever. You remember, this was mom’s project? She wanted the W.M. to be produced.”

“ Yeah, I do.” Their mother had tried to perform the same task they are now, but she had unfortunately passed away before that could be accomplished.

“ But Damien, if we are going to make it… then we need, the ingredients. Right?”
“ Yeah. Most of it is easy.” Damien held up the pad for her to see.


It showed drawings of a machine. One that had the appearance of a vacuum. It had a handle and a big space in the back for papers and data to implemented. Once the data was fed to it, it spat it out. It could create anything, in theory. But this prototype would make simple items, for now. However that in itself proved difficult. The siblings would need wood, but a special wood. Night wood, only found in the Nightmare’s Forest. Iron, welding glue and, the most important part, Night dust. Dust left behind after a violet flame has been put out. A flame that no human can make.

“ That dust is the issue, as you know Calia.” Damien was saying. “ We can get wood from the forest, we have one near us. No biggie. But that dust…” Calia put her book down.

“ Those flames are only found in Nightmare constructs right?” Her brother nodded.

“ We found one in our forest.”

“ But we were caught when we did.”

“ I know.”

“ And we barely got out. We wouldn’t have unless the police came to rescue us. We were banned from there. Remember?” Damien flinched.

“ I-I know. But still! We can do it. Think about it. If we are successful in crafting this, who knows what we could accomplish! Think about it Calia!” Her brother urged. As much as she didn’t want to do it, since it was dangerous, she also wanted to.

“ I know. But, is it worth the risk?”
“ I dunno honestly. But there won’t be a risk, not as long as we don’t encounter them.”
“ But they lurk everywhere in the Nightmare’s forest. Especially when close to a construct of their’s.”
“ Yes, but if we sneak around them we will be fine. Remember they can’t see in the daylight. We can simulate that, using flash lights.”
“ Ok, but if that doesn’t work?”
“ Than we use the sword.”
“ Oh, I see! Would it hurt them?”
“ It should. Dad fought off them before, remember?”
“ I do. I wanna do that.”
“ So do I.” Their father had saved them once, when they were toddlers. They had wandered a bit too close to the forest, and were attacked. Luckily their father was there to stop them. “ When would we go then?” Calia asked. Damien thought for a moment.

“ We can go today. Let’s go at night so dad doesn’t see us.”


“ But isn’t that counterintuitive?”

“ Not if we use our flashlights. This way no one will notice us. In the daylight people will see us.”
“ And we can still call for help if we need it?”
“ Yeah. Just use the phone.”
“ Right. You have it?”
“ I do.”
“ But what about dad? When does he sleep?”
“ Around twelve.”
“ Why does he sleep so late?”
“ Beats me. But don’t worry. I’ll wake ya. Just go to sleep now. And be ready to move once I do wake you. Ok?” Damien asked. Calia smiled thinking about it.
“ Yup. I got it.” The next hour, they were eating dinner at the table. Fried chicken and potatoes.

“ So dad.” Damien said, swallowing a mouthful of potatoes. “ Do you know exactly what happened to mom? You said you’d tell us once we graduated.” Their father finished sipping his water, and set the glass down carefully. His expression seemed to darken, which was rare.

“ Ah… I did say that didn’t I?” He laced his hands together in his lap. “ Very well. You two deserve to know. You’ve done such a great job at school, and at the community parks and library.” He sighed. “ Ok. Genia, your mom and my wife, died... fighting the Nightmares.” The two siblings gasped.
“ Really?” Calia asked.

“ How?” Asked Damien.

“ It was shortly after you were two were born. You were both asleep in this same house. The two of us wanted to get some alone time together. It’s not that you were the issue, you weren’t. We just wanted time together, you know. She, being spirited as always, wanted to head into the forest to try and get some dust for that project of hers. I was weary of it, but we went. It was the most dangerous thing I’d ever done. Those creatures, they swarmed us. We didn’t even make it close to the house. There were simply too many. You can bet we fought, we fought for a long time. Unil your mother was scratched in the legs, and then the throat. I tried to run to her, I really did. But I couldn’t, they were all around me. If I went to her, I would’ve died. I could not let you two grow up without any parents, so I fled. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I still remember her body, lying there, on the ground. Her eyes locked on me, her final message clear. Go, give our children a good life, even without me in it. I intend to keep that message, forever. That’s why I tell you kids, do not go near that forest, it is way too dangerous for any reason!” The siblings sat there for a moment, taking it in. They were surprised, but also not surprised, at the same time.

“ Dad, you have kept that promise. Mom would be proud of you.” Damien said.

“ Yeah, exactly. I couldn’t imagine a better father than you.” Calia put in. Their dad smiled.

“ I know, thank you. Now, get some sleep.”


It was hard for Calia to sleep, since she knew what was going to happen. Her father’s words stuck in her mind. Don’t go to the forest. It is way too dangerous for any reason! And yet, they were heading there anyway. For the same reason their mother had died for. She might’ve questioned if this was the right thing to do, if she hadn’t fallen asleep. She dreamed of flames, of purple bright fires erupting around her. Setting everything she’d ever known and loved on fire. A vague phantasm of her mother, pleading to her not to go. A face she didn’t even know. Calia was woken up by her brother.

“ Hey. Sis come on. I got the stuff, let’s go!”  She groggily got up out of bed. She rubbed her eyes, it was dark out. The night sky shown with thousands of stars. Damien was wearing his pajamas.

“ Are we… gonna put clothes on?” Calia asked.

“ Naw, we don’t need them, besides pjs are more comfy than say armor. Come!” He practically dragged her out of the room. They snuck past their father’s room. Down stairs, past the living room, where the fire was but dust, on the grate. They opened the front door and left the house, closing it shut behind them.


As the siblings walked down the black streets, Calia looked back the way they had come.
“ Is this ok? What if father finds out?”
“ Oh. I thought about that too. It’ll be fine. If things get too heated, we run out of there, like he did. We’ll be fine. We’ve been practicing sword fighting for this reason right?” Her brother said.

“ And because it’s fun.”
“ Well, that’s true. But still, we can do this. Don’t worry about it too much. I have your back Calia!”
“ Heh, yeah, I have yours too.” They left the town and onto the dirt trail. Through the fields of grass, to where the forest began. It stood over them, towering like skyscrapers. Higher than any person could ever reach. The dark brown trees stood very still, as if listening to any intruders. The dirt on the ground laid, not moving, as if nothing had ever touched it. Calia heard sounds from within. Sounds like screeching, from an animal.

“ Well, you ready?” Damien asked.

“ I think so.” Calia replied.

“ Right, come on.” He moved into the Nightmare’s forest, and she went in after.


Calia couldn’t help but feel cold. Even though her pjs were made to withstand it, wrapping around her white body, like cloth. Her hood hanging around her soft blue hair, covering her yellow eyes. Damien’s pjs were about the same. His brown hair and grey eyes covered by his own hood. Even so, something about the thick atmosphere unsettled her. She remembered why they didn’t come here anymore. They saw no other animals, not even a bird, or ant. Only the faint screeching, of them. Her first instinct was to speak to her brother, but then she fought against the thought. Any sound of talking would alert them to their presence. Damien suddenly stopped, causing Calia to almost run into him. He brought out a notepad, and a smaller backpack from the one he was already wearing. He quickly scribbled something on it, and gave it to her. I should’ve said this earlier. But let’s use this to speak to each other. Keep this in your bag unless you wanna say something, then simply hand it to me. She looked at Damien and nodded, showing she understood. Calia took the bag and pad, and a pencil. She wrote something on it, and handed it to Damien. Do you have one too? He replied on his pad, Yeah I do. This is the safer way. I guess we can just hold it out too, to show it to each other. She replied. Ok.


After sometime of walking, Calia was getting tired. They still hadn’t found anything that looked like a construct. The screeching had stopped, which was good. She glanced up at the trees, shooting up high above them. She remembered an ingredient they were supposed to retrieve. She wrote something on her pad and handed it to her brother. Damien, we need this wood right? He wrote back, yeah we do. Thanks I forgot. I know what to do. Just stand back. Calia back stepped a few feet, as Damien pulled out a sword. A middle class blade, with a dark white hilt. He motioned for her to take the other. She understood what he was trying to do. They each hacked at the sides of a tree trunk, cutting into it more and more. Pieces of splinter flew off each time. Finally it fell, hitting the ground with a loud thud. Damien walked over, preparing to cut it into smaller pieces. Calia realized their mistake too late. Screeches echoed throughout the forest, this time much closer than before. Seconds later the siblings were surrounded by the Nightmares. Long, black, slender creatures. They were only pitch dark, except for a ruby necklace they wore around their necks, hands and ankles. They’re red eyes and mouths, glowing. They weren’t much taller than the siblings were. Six of them jumped down from the treetops, encircling them.


The Nightmares hissed, opening their mouths impossibly wide, extending their claws. Their teeth gleamed, with the blood of past victims. Calia held up her sword. She was a little scared, but she had trained for this. All her life, she wanted to fight these creatures. Because it looked fun to her, like a superhero. She and Damien spent a whole year in class studying and practicing hard for a moment like this. Damien, on the other side of the fallen trunk, also prepared himself. He wouldn’t run like his dad had, and he wouldn’t his sister fall, like his mom had. They would get out alive, he knew it. One Nightmare charged ahead, a test. Damien side stepped, barely missing getting cut. He stabbed the Nightmare in the head. It screamed, then disintegrated. Its ashes fell to the dirt gently. Like pollen laying on a flower. The others got angry, seeing that this was an actual threat to them. They sent two more at Damien, and one at Calia. She ducked down, missing the Nightmare’s swipe. She cut it across the stomach. It fell. Damien stabbed the first creature in the cut, and was cut along the left arm in the process by the second Nightmare.

“ Agh! You hurt, for things that hide in the darkness so much.” He exclaimed. He swiped in an arc in front of him. He chiped the Nightmare’s head. The Nightmare clawed him in the lower left rib cage. Damien groaned, moving back. He was surrounded by the other Nightmares, couldn’t escape. He wouldn’t have to. “ Hey guys. Look what I got!” He hastily pulled one flashlight from his backpack. “ This!” He showed it to them.


At first the ones on his side did nothing except look confused. Calia had killed her second one, and was getting beaten by the third. She got some hits on it, but it kept dodging around, getting in small blows that really added up.

“ Damien!” She called out, knowing that the silence was broken. She couldn’t exactly see his face in the dim lighting. He was grinning crazily.

“ You may have darkness but I have light!” Damien turned on his flashlight. He moved it around, exposing the Nightmares around him. They hissed and covered their eyes as he did. They began to steam, and some melted. Others ran away. He tossed the other flashlight to Calia. She caught it. She flashed the Nightmare who was about to cut her again, and it melted. Two more tried to attack her. She flashed them. One covered its eyes, the other ducked out of the way. Calia quickly stabbed the one in front of her, getting cut in the back by the other. She moaned in pain as the Nightmare was cut in half. Damien was behind her.


“ You ok Calia?” He asked. She hugged him.

“ Damien, why did you cut down that tree?”

“ We need it for the W.M. Also you did help me.”
“ Shut up, I forgot we had to stay quiet!”

“ So did I.”

“ Then why did you do it?”
“ I told you.”

“ Not a good reason!” She lightly hit him. She released herself from the hug, and looked at the log. “ Are we going to cut it up, if the Nightmares have retreated for now?”

“ Yeah. What about your cuts?”
“ It’ll be fine. We can put medicine on when we get home… Wait but then dad finds out!” Calia cried.  Damien wrote something on his pad, and gave it to her. First off, let’s talk like this for now. We don’t want more coming back. Also, if dad finds out, that’s ok! Because we will have been successful already and he won’t have anything to get mad about. At least not after a while. Don’t worry! She wrote back. Ok, I guess. Let’s just cut this. They began on the log. Damien focused on the bottom half. Calia got the upper half.  Overall it took about ten minutes of work. By the end of it, they were both pretty tired. Calia wrote to Damien, Can we take a break? Gosh I feel tired. I can’t evenn write that well. Damien yawned, and wrote back. Sure, why not. The two siblings laid against another tree, and rested. The cuts burned into them, like a small flame held to their skin. The wood felt rough against their backs. The branches and grey leaves hung over them, and above that the night sky hung over the world.


Damien had a short dream. He was fighting the creatures, when Calia was cut in the face, and fell to the ground. He ran to her, screaming. But she had stopped breathing, her life lost. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, first his mother and now his sister. He cut down as many Nightmares as he could see. But they overwhelmed him, and he drowned in their darkness. Damien woke with a start.

“ Calia, we need to keep going.” He shook her softly. She opened her eyes.

“ H-hm. What?”

“ The construct. Also what do we do about this wood?”

“ How much do we need?”

“ Only a small amount.”

“ Then why did we cut the whole thing?”

“ Oh, well I dunno. I wasn’t paying attention.”
“ Neither was I. It’s still your fault.”

“ Fine. Let’s just put some in each bag. We can always come back for more later if we need it.”
“ Why not.” They each put a decent amount of Night wood in their backpacks. It became a lot heavier after that. After struggling to put it on, Damien jabbed a thumb ahead.

“ Let’s keep going now. And remember to stay quiet!”

“ Okay.” The siblings continued on, deeper into the forest.


Finding the construct was easier than they thought. First thing was that they were deeper in, meaning the location was closer than it was previously. Second, the Nightmares had fled, leaving room open for them to move safely. What they didn’t realize was that they had all fled to the construct. It itself, was a building crafted into the side of a big hill. The entrance consisted of a stone archway, a metal door, and two purple torches. Calia walked up to the torch on the right. It glowed faintly, but contained more heat than any machine humans could produce. She scribbled on her notepad, handing it to her brother. Can we get dust from this? He answered, I don’t think it is big enough. We should try inside. Calia flinched a little, But it’s dangerous in there! Damien smiled. Perhaps. But you saw what happened to them when I used the flashlight. We got this! Calia sighed. Fine, fine. Your fault if we die. Damien felt offended. Don’t tell dad if I get us killed. Please? Calia responded. Maybe. I’ll get the door open.


Calia was surprised to find that the door opened easily. She then remembered something she’d heard about Nightmares. Their pulling power is weak. So they can’t use doors too well.  They moved in carefully. It was cold in the construct, like a dungeon. The walls were grey and black bricks. Torches burned along the walls, dozens of them. The place was mostly empty in terms of furniture. Nightmares don’t need it. They either sleep on the ceiling or the walls. Their minds aren’t developed enough to want anything more. The siblings made their way down the halls. Not realizing they were being watched. Certain parts of the construct contained doors. Most of them contained empty fire pits. Finally, one room had a fire pit that was still active. Both siblings sighed with relief. They had begun to think that there wouldn’t be any fire dust for them to collect. Damien inspected the fire. He wrote on his pad. I’m gonna take some dust from underneath it. You keep watch. Ok? Calia looked the way they had come, and shut the door. Ok, I can do that, probably. Damien began to sweep dust into his pack, trying not to burn himself. Calia put her stuff in her small pack, but then quickly took them out, remembering her job. After about eight minutes, Damien put on his backpack, and faced his sister.

“ Alright. I finally got it. Not even a scratch!” He boasted. Calia saw his hands. They were both blisteringly red.

“ Right. Should we go?” She asked.

“ Yup.” Damien got closer to her as she tried to open the door. It wouldn’t budge.


“ What? Can you help me.” Calia asked. Damien laughed.

“ Besides the fact that we both forgot to write to each other, sure.”

“ Your fault.” Calia said. They both tried with all their might to open the door, but it stayed stayed shut. Then, they heard a noise behind them, a faint scratching. When the siblings turned, they were greeted by more Nightmares. They slunk down from the walls, out of seemingly nowhere. Five of them slowly moved closer to them. Calia gasped, but Damien pulled out his sword. She followed suit.

“ Allllllrighty. Come at us!” He called. The Nightmares did, and the siblings suffered. They were cut, and hit, being outnumbered. They managed to swap sides of the room with the Nightmares. Calia leaned on the wall, dealing with the pain. Damien tried to stand confident, but failed.

“ What are we gonna do to defeat them? Too many…” He said. Calia studied the situation. She saw the fire, and the poles that held it up. It could easily be pushed off. If the Nightmares were hurt by flashlights, then maybe they would be by fire also.
“ Damien! The fire! I think we can use it somehow against them!” She told him. Damien realized her plan.

“ Ugh, but why would it hurt them, if they use it all the time?” He asked.

“ I dunno! What other plan do you have?!” The Nightmares hissed, two moved in toward them. One on the right of the fire, the other on the left side. Calia stabbed the left one in the stomach as it lunged. Damien moved aside, his Nightmare tried to lung, but ended up running into the wall. He cut its head off.

“ I don’t, but I guess we could try it.” More Nightmares pressed forward. The door opened, as even more poured in. Calia struggled to fight them off. She stabbed one, getting hit by another. She pushed it back, as it staggered, she cut it across the throat. One leaped onto her back, cutting into her. She screamed, throwing it off against the wall. Before it could get up, she slashed its face.

“ The fire Damien!” She yelled. Damien gulped.
“ Fine, I got it.” He nervously got close to the fire. A Nightmare nearly cut his side, but he swiped horizontally, cutting it in half. Calia was getting busy with more of the creatures, he needed to act fast.


Damien figured the best way to do it was to just do it, without thinking. He dropped his sword, thrusting forward with his hands.  The fire’s bowl was pushed off the poles, spilling onto the floor. Purple Night fire began to spread along the ground. The Nightmares were enveloped by it. He grabbed his sword triumphantly.

“ Yes! I did it! I told you I could!” Calia stumbled next to him, nearly ready to pass out. She had blood running down her whole body. Good thing she was used to this kind of pain from training.

“ Good for you… Did it work?” She asked weakly. They studied the creatures. At first they were surprised. Then they faced the siblings, completely unfazed. Damien put a hand to his face.

“ OHHH right.”

“ What?!”

“ The Nightmares get health from the Night fires!... Oops.” Calia wanted to smack her brother.

“ Why didn’t you tell me???”

“ I forgot and it was your idea!”
“ I didn’t know and you should have said something!”

“ Look, we can argue later. Right now we need to think of a new idea.”
“ Uh…” Calia looked around. A chimney opening was still above them. But one thing was odd. The Nightmares hadn’t attacked them yet, because they were confused. They didn’t understand their arguing and yelling at each other. They were so used to communicating in silence to one another, that this was something new to them. Or at least, this specific group of Nightmares. This caused them to hesitate a bit.

“ Damien, let’s climb out, through the chimney.”
“ Ok, but what about them?”
“ They must be distracted or something. You always were obnoxious.” Damien was offended.
“ Excuse me sis, you are the annoying one!”
“ Don’t argue, just move!” Calia urged. Her brother sighed, and put everything in his pack and slung it over his shoulder. He jumped up, grabbing the bottom of the chimney, and made his way up. Once his reached the top, he held his arm down to help up Calia. Calia climbed up just as the Nightmares got over their surprise.


After the two siblings had made it out of the room, they bolted down the hill and back the way they’d come through the forest. Screeches rang out behind them. Nightmares chased after them, about a dozen or so. Calia turned her flashlight on, throwing it onto the ground behind her. It lit up a small area in their wake, causing the Nightmares who got caught to stagger, one of them melted. This gave the siblings enough time to flee the forest, just as morning came up. But they didn’t stop. Damien and Calia ran all the way back to their house. Other townsfolk, coming out in the new day, looked at them confused. One old man said, “ Crazy kids and their adventures.” Another woman commented, “ They shouldn’t have been out so late, bad kids!”


Once they arrived home, they were met by their father.

“ Where in the world have you two been?” He asked. Both siblings gulped with anxiety, in anticipation of the explanation. After showering, they told the story at breakfast. They expected to be yelled at, and punished for what they had done. Instead, their father only spoke, quiet and carefully.

“ I see. Listen kids.” He leaned against the table. “ If you’re expecting me to do something, you’re wrong.” This surprised his children. “ As long as you are here, safe, then what happened doesn’t matter. You did succeed?” Damien showed the dust, and wood. His father nodded. “ I see. Well, as you know, my wife and I failed to get that, fifteen years ago. You two have done what we could not, and to that I say well done. But, being a dad, I have to say this: If you ever go back there, without telling me, I will punish you. Got it?” Both kids nodded vigorously. “ Ok, good. Please, I at least wanna know next time. But, since you got what was sought after, there’s nothing better to do, than make the Wish Maker!” This followed with much thanking and hugging from Damien and Calia. The three of them began work on the Wish Maker.


Each person in the family was assigned a job. Calia would carve the wood into the pieces necessary. Damien would perform a series of magic spells, to form the dust into the data transfer module. Their father would go to the mine, and purchase the iron needed, and then some glue, from the nearby shop. Once this was done, they brought the pieces to a blacksmith, who was a good friend of the siblings dad. He had agreed to make this for their mother, back in the day, and was more than happy to build it now. It took about two weeks for it to be completed, mostly due to consistent issues with the construction. The module wouldn’t work, or the iron would melt. But at last, it was done.


A fine machine, shaped like a large vacuum. It was purple and white, and was able to produce small items, like pencils or erasers. Their father set it on the dinner table. The kids gazed in awe.

“ That’s insane!” Damien exclaimed.

“ Yeah, that’s so cool!” Calia agreed. Their dad smiled.

“ Indeed it is. Now, let us try it.” He took a moment to enter data for a fork. The machine lit up, and rumbled as it was being processed. A medium sized, silver fork was spat out of the front. Calia picked it up.

“ My gosh, wow!” Damien stole it from her.

“ Dang, and we did this!”
“ Yup!” Their father entered more data, for two pencils, four erasers, a stick, some leaves, and a piece of glass. The W.M. took about ten minutes to create all of this. They were all impressed.

“ Well done, children! This is something truly special!” Their father cried.

“  I can’t wait to see what we can do with it!” Calia said happily. Damien held it firm in his hands.

“ I know what we can do. Let’s go to that old summer camp we hated, and mess it up!”

“ Don’t do that!” Their father said. Damien smiled.
“ Alright. We won’t, not without telling you first…” Calia looked at her brother. She could tell from his expression, that they would be causing all kinds of trouble with their new creation. But that was fine with her, since after all, they did survive the Nightmare’s Forest.

Submitted: June 10, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Curon. All rights reserved.

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