Is the earth flat? (no, I've not gone insane)

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ok, so I don't think the earth is flat but there is more to the theory than you might think

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



The 'flat earth' ideology

Are we here for a reason?

So, we all know the internet has been flooded with conspiracy theories for a few years now. It's hard to determine when they became mainstream but it's clear that they have completely taken over the world of YouTube and Reddit. The majority of people in 2018 believe at least one theory and believing one usually leads to more as you spiral down a never-ending wormhole of insanity. What is most hilarious about this is that people who believe in the flat earth theory are instantly labeled as "insane" whereas people who believe that the world is crawling with reptilian shape-shifters are "freethinkers" and pretty much the norm. For this very reason I decided it was my duty as a fervent, failful believer in contemporary conspiracy theorists to do at least a little bit of research into this crazy society. Having decided it was my new obligation I did what any Gen Z kid would do...I took to YouTube and began my quest. I would love to report that I instantly became a firm believer and never looked back but in reality I still think it's a bit of a stretch. I did ,however, find it extremely interesting and realised that the theory is about much more than just the earth being flat. I found that you need to have a certain mindset to be a part of the society and I understand it. The whole thing is based around us, as humans, being here for a reason and the creation of our universe not being up to chance. It suggests that this earth was made for us. It teases the idea that we are actually significant in a universe so vast that we are hardly even a speck of dust in comparison. If you haven't seen any videos or read any articles you probably think what im saying is pretty silly. What the key things to understand are that 1) I think the earth is round and 2) I am solely talking about the flat earth ideology. In it's simplist form the flat earth ideology is basically that the earth was created for us and that we are significant in some way which is not yet known. It is also that our creation and destruction is not left up to chance and circumstance (like science tells us) but actually we have some sort of purpose and the government makes us believe our fate is unpredictable to make us feel insignificant. The society belives the government wants us to feel insignificant so that we can be easily controlled.

Now that I have set the foundations what I really want to share is something I quickly wrote so that I could undertsand why I find it so hard to believe that we are significant to the universe. At first glance it seems morbid but I hope whoever might be reading is open minded and understanding. 

Here it is:

I have been researching the flat earth society. It is interesting. Obviously I don't think the earth is flat but I understand how people get sucked up into this other world. I like to think I am some sort of free-thinker and I try not to mindlessly swallow whatever I am spoon-fed but I found it hard to get into the mindframe of a flat earth believer.

I am not ignorant to the fact that some kind of higher power shades the truth from us though I am unsure as to why they would do that. This is the only reason I successfully kept an open mind whilst researching this outcast society. Flat earth ideology speaks of purpose and understanding. It is almost a glimpse of hope for people desperate to answer the big question. However, I find it hard to agree. I think that being here by chance makes more sense. To me, at least, the thought that we are insignificant to the universe is a thought to relish in. I think this is because the fact that humans are ruining this earth is sometimes too hard to think about so the fact the universe does not depend on our existence is comforting. Everyone just wants comfort. I think I find comfort in the thought that earth will one day give herself over to oblivion because it means that we are not at fault for her end. I hope more than anything that earth's end will be natural. I hope just as much that humanity's end will be natural aswell because that would mean we didn't wipe ourselves out because of hatred. I think our end should be left to science the same way our creation was. Having an end where nobody is at fault seems right. Right isn't the correct word. Having an end where nobody is at fault seems kind. After all our battles and wars, becoming extinct from natural causes seems amiable. If we end up gone because we all nuked each other it just shows that we are violent by nature. It would show that hatred won and that's not what fairytales taught us. If we are one day the cause of our own defeat then we will have proved that we are not kind, that we are not strong, and that earth deserved better. This is why I can't seem to believe that the universe was created for us, although I do think if we thought that it was we might be more loving. I admire the fact the flat earth society can think like that. It is interesting to listen to people that are so sure that the universe is ours. Sometimes, seeing people think like that scares me so I remember the fact a lot of them think space does not exist and, like most people, I'm able to think of them as crazy. Perhaps this is why people do label them like that. It is easier to laugh at them than think about the fact that our world leaders could be lying in order to keep us thinking we don't matter. Writing this down and actually processing it makes that seems unrealistic but then again we never really know what happens behind the scenes. To anyone who may read this if I decide to share it might think I just sound like a pretentious, 'fake woke' teenager but that okay. I understand that maybe we indulge in these theories to give ourself not only a sense of purpose but a sense of superiority. But hey what do I know. 


I will leave you with this: you know the moons name but imagine if the moon knew yours. imagine how close you would feel to the universe. (not my words)

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