"4 true Costa Rican urban legends"

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"4 true Urban Legends in Costa Rica"

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



"Costa  rica" 

 is a country full
Of legends, Myths and Folktales. Some of the stories are set on the " Nicoya pennisula" 

"La segua"
A stunningly beautiful lady of a Spanish native heritage. Legend says she fell in deep
Love with a Spanish naval officer, a colonist who tricked her into behavior that would be frowned upon by the Family of a good catholic girl. 
Once the man left her he gave her a silver tongue as a gift witch was cursed. It drove her mad and she turned into a creature forced to forever roam the streets and get her revenge on the men who ruined her life. "La Segua" is said to pose as the beautiful women and wait for unsuspected drunk men to return home from festivals, she asks for a ride home and they can't resist witch is a mistake because the "La segua" shows it's true form a monster with the skull of a horse with red eyes and she like to leave her victims  butchered on the side of the road. 

"El Cadejos"

Have you ever felt like somebody or something is watching you late at night while you are on your way home? You might just be being stalked by a "El Cadejos" an "El Cadejos" is supposedly a Huge black, goat hooves dog with fiery bright red eyes and chains around it's neck. However it is Nothing to fear. 
In fact it's presence is to ensure the safety of drunken people, to make sure they get home safe. But the "Guancastle" version of the story says that they appear at the window looking in on children who refuse to fall asleep. 

"The ox cart without the oxen"

Coasta rica was one of the few Spanish colonies where he invaders were in charge to labor the lands, one of the men's name was "Pedro" but due to his reputation he got the nickname of "Malo The evil one" during an event called " Saint Isidro Labrador" a ceremony in witch a priest would bless the workers and the oxen carts. During the event "malo the evil one" thought it might be fun to tell the priest the oxen cart was possessed by the devil. He attempted to drive the cart through a group of people and even the church. Unfortunately for Pedro the priest did not believe his and he cast a curse upon Pedro saying

 "you will walk the streets alone for the rest of your life with this oxen cart" 

Legend has it now that people who live in "guanacastle" see the spirit of wandering "Pedro and his oxen cart who cause panic and fear in the eyes of who see him. Legend also says for anyone who sees him they better cover there heads, make the sign of the cross and run because Pedro and his oxen cart is a sign the devil may be near."


"La llorona"

Many years ago In the "nicoya peninsula" lived a women named Maria. Many people tried to marry her only to fail. One day a man road in on a black stallion once she saw him she knew she had met the man for her. They both fell in love and married shortly after. 
At fort things were great Maria had two children and they lived a charmed life. However the man get sad about leaving his life of riding his stallion and he would leave Maria and his kids for days at a time. He would return home lying little to no attention to Maria and only to the children. A time soon came where the man never returned to Maria of the kids. 
Maria was about to abandoned all hope of ever seeing her husband again Maria saw him out on a walk he had was with another women.  and he jumped back on the horse and rode off with this other women. Leaving Maria in a fit of rage she grabbed her two children she had with the man and threw them into the river. She realized what she had done and she went into the river to rescue them. The current however was too strong. 
The next morning locals found the bodies of the two children. And they think Maria drowned herself. Legend says you can see and hear Maria every night now screaming and calling out her children's names and she will ask if you had seen them? If she see's you. People refer to her as the 

"La Llorona" witch transfers to "The Weeping Women"  

These are four of Costa Rica's scary true Urban Legends.

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