Existential Crisis

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For the past few days I have been having one huge existential crisis. If you want you can join me in thinking about why we are here and if it even really matters!

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



Why is there something rather than nothing?

A.K.A: my mind after googling questions to answer halfway through an existential crisis. 

I, for who knows what reason, decided it was a good idea to start a piece of writing without really knowing what it was going to be about or how on earth it was going to end. But, here we are and if you're reading this it means I decided it was average enough to actually press publish. So...here we go, lets see how this pans out. 

For the past few days I have been sucked into a state of hyper-awareness and have been stumbling through my days in constant amazement at how bizzare our society is. It is insane to me that we are just random animals on a massive rock hurtling through space that somehow developed an intricate set of rules we have to follow unless we want to spend our days living in a building specialized to keep us in one place. In recent days it has become apparent to me that the universe does not depend on our existence. So, why are we here? Or is there not actually a definitive reason? When I try to think about why we might be here I draw a complete blank. I can't think of a single thing that depends on us thriving other than the food chain. Still, if we were never here the whole system would be different anyway and if we left: the system would realign itself. We cause so much destruction that it doesn't make sense to me that there would be an actual reason we thrive other than simple evolution and circumstance.

Although I attended a very christian school as a young child, I find it immensely hard to believe that there is some sort of higher power or God that controls everything. Even if there was I would resent them since I'm not blind to the fact they certainly aren't omnibenevolent or even loving in the slightest. If someone really controls this world surely they must be despicable to want to create the problems we have to face. And, even if it was proved that there is an odious being in the sky making us do the things we do, we still wouldn't know our true purpose. I think that we don't have a purpose. I think we just evolved and in an attempt to understand why, we created an entire set of rules to live by. We created a complex society that prospers on the idea that certain things are acceptable and the other things should be punished. It makes sense. Our minds are so labyrinthine that we constantly seek to understand. If we didn't create a system we understand we would go insane simply because of our curious nature. Although the world we have created is bizzare, I understand why we have done it. It helps us feel comfortable and safe. I think that everyone just seeks comfort. We are complicated creatures; so complicated that we hardly understand ourselves. I find that ironic.

This all leads me to the question: why is there something rather than nothing?

It is interesting to think about and I'm sorry if it sparked an existential crisis of your own. But why is there something? Why does anything even exist? Surely there must be a reason. Surely, if this elaborate universe exists, there must be something that made it happen and something that will happen after it. It eats into the question what was there before the big bang? It is said that there was nothing but, it is impossible to comprehend nothing. What is nothing? The word 'nothing' is categorised as a pronoun. This confused me even more. There has to be some reason things actually exist and it kills me that we will never actually know. People think about the fact we don't understand death but we don't even understand life. Since reading this question I have decided to make it my mission to try and formulate an answer so, for now, I will leave it alone and let my mind ponder for a while. 

I will end with a Bowie quote: the problems begin when you try to intellectualise. Especially when you've just done a gram of cocaine. 


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