catch 22

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Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



( just saying)

(droping bars)


im finding it hard to cope

my past left me up shitd creek 

with out a boat 

its not that i cant swim or that im weak 

its just i lost faith in the only thing i seek 

i live week by week

day by day 

words we all know i can say 

truth spills more n more 

all the doors i worked so hard to open 

seem to be locked 

and i cant seem to remember where i put the dam key

i can see my happeniss through the wholes i punched through

33 dam still didnt think i make it this far 

im so lost 

so pissed i fell so many times 

n  on my @ss i still seem to fall 

foot in mouth 

alls i see is the mosnter when i look in the mirror

as life plays out

my predictions become so much more clear

but i fight so hard to prove my self wrong 

how could i let myself do so much wrong 

why could i just listen to that tlc song.


but i had to jump of every cliff 

smiling  all the way down.

n after geting hurt from sinking to the bottom 

again n again i jump 

again n again 

idk how much more i can take.

its not that i wanna give up 

its just i hav nothing left fighting for. 

i am only bleeded dry those around me 

the more i try to get this right 

the deep i dig my self down 

n i feel like im pulling those trying to help me down with me. 

but at the same time i know if i let go my hold ill sink 

i should have just stuck to the lakes n waterfalls i was used to 


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