The Spider and the Fly

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Thought I would start off with a poem I recently found in my archives. It centers on a short battle of wits and fear between a man and a regular house spider. Having a fear of spiders myself, I
enjoyed writing this poem and hope you enjoy it too....

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



The Spider and the Fly

I remember him well, my eight legged friend
The truth I will tell. I will not pretend.
He crept inside as my eyes began to fall
Oblivious to the night, the room and the walls.

The clock struck twelve as if it was meant to be
In my room, so dark that I could hardly see.
Before I rose the headlights flashed;
A car outside. Our eyes had now clashed.

My fear rose up in a state of shock
He remained in the centre, watching me like a hawk.
For ten clear minutes our lives were entwined,
spinning a web in my unconscious mind.

For a moment I calmed and admired my foe,
yet the more I stared, the more he seemed to grow.
Hypnotised and frozen as he flinched and started to move
His run was so fierce; he had a point to prove.

My throat clenched, my body felt stuck,
like a fly in his web, I had ran out of luck.
He charged across and approached my foot
Paralysed; my legs stayed put.

My young life flashed before my eyes
Seeping tears and silent cries.
But for a moment he stalled and glanced to the door
From his clutches I pulled, wriggled and tore.

Grabbing my shoe from aside my chair
I turned to strike but he wasn’t there.
My heart began to pound; I could hear it so clear
Tangled in silence I swore I heard him sneer.
Knowing full well he was under the chair
I waited and waited for yet another scare.
But to my surprise he came out slow
Shame and apology he seemed to show.

Prepared for death and defeat in his eyes
There was no performance, no tricks and no lies.
For the first time I felt power, giant and strong,
yet something told me that this was now wrong.

Dropping my shoe I walked the other way
Somehow I knew everything would be okay.
I turned off the light and strolled to my bed
The war was won. No more to be said.

I woke the next day to find my friend gone
Free at last, I smiled stretched and yawned.
He never came back. I was released from his trap.
We had made our peace so I went back for a nap.

At times I wish I had said goodbye
Wondering if he had lived or if he had died
The truth I have told, I have not lied
For on that night, I was merely a fly.


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