Silvery Innocence

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Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



Like all Christmas mornings it snowed. Confectioner’s sugar blanketed the city of Denver. Glazed sugar clung to the window sills and lamp posts of the graveyard streets. In the back of a dimly lit 9x9 apartment office, piled like corpses, were broken Ouija boards. Despite being a devout Catholic, Lukas had waited several months for this moment.

Legend holds that two hearts stained with vengeance would give birth to a heart of purity. But a blood sacrifice would be necessary for that heart to live its first seven years. Once the heart reaches it’s seven years, a second blood sacrifice would be necessary. To the luck of civilization such legend affect only to that of one family.

As a small time screenwriter who made it to the Oscars once, Lukas Stone had a bit of trouble coming up with stories. Or rather stories that would captivate producers to make a film out of it. It was a simple day. A gloomy, graveyard looking Thursday when it happened. Lukas was at work when he got the call. From the school. However Lukas wasn’t so surprised. In fact, Lukas had gotten a few of them in the last few weeks regarding his daughter’s, Bella, behavior. Bella’s behavior had become a bit erratic in the last sevens weeks. She was only seven. Surely this was a small time thing thought Lukas on many occasions. Unfortunately, this was not a phone call regarding her behavior but in fact  her well being. It seems that just twenty minutes before the school called, Bella was hit by a speeding car within the school parking lot.

Lukas spent months going to church praying that Bella would survive. Bella laid in the ICU, with little to no brain activity. It wasn’t long before the doctors said there was nothing else they could do for her. On October 1st, 2017, Bella Stone passed. Like many other devout Catholics and religious heretics, Lukas had begun to question the Lord himself. Why he would let such a small child die. Little did he know of the curse that befelded his bloodline.

For the next two weeks Lukas, left the church in search of answers. However he began looking for them in the wrong places. Dark, grimy, shadowy places, that help no vacancy for the light. It was then that Lukas unveiled the power of the widely, used toy. The Ouija Board. Little did people know, that the Ouija board has powers. When invoked incorrectly, death strolls the Earth more frequently. At this point Lukas, didn’t care. All he wanted was to speak to his daughter one last time.

On October 30th, Lukas sat typing away frantically at his laptop only to keep his finger on the Backspace key. Today was the day.  He was unshaven and wearing a sweater with pajama bottoms. He rips out the note paper out of the yellow legal pad, crumples it up and throw it towards the trash can in the kitchen. Misses. He scribbles something down on the same yellow legal pad. Stares at it, then crosses it out. He runs his hands through his hair, grabbing it as if he wished to rip it out of their roots and exasperates heavily. His black, charcoal Google Home lit up and spoke.

“You have a reminder”

Lukas looked up at the old grandfather clock he purchased a few years back at an antique store. 11:50 p.m. it read. For the majority of the general public it is believed when using the Ouija board, that you speak to the dead at that moment. That is both fact and false. You can speak to them through the board anytime of the year but on the 31st of October you can see them and speak to them face to face. But you can not touch them. All was needed was a dim-lighted room. Lukas always typed and worked in a  dim-lighted room so there was no need to remember. The open window next to Lukas blew hot air. Then cold. Then hot. Lukas’ heartbeat started to beat faster. Sweat streamed from his forehead, falling into his eye, blinding him for a couple seconds.

“Daddy, I’ve missed. Where’ve you been?”

Lukas startled. Shocked and amazed to hear his daughter voice once again. But he couldn’t see her. He was worried. Maybe he didn’t do the incantation or ritual properly. Anxious that he’d have to wait till next year to do it again properly, she spoke again.

“Daddy, it’s hot down there. And there’s no ice-cream truck! He said ice-cream is not allowed there.”

Lukas followed her voice to the kitchen. There standing on the stool with the freezer door open was, Bella. Eating ice-cream. She ate it the same way she did when she was alive. Vanilla caressed her chin, while chocolate painted her nose. Tears rained from Lukas’ face and they disappeared into the sides of his wide smile.

“Hi Daddy. The little Red Man said I can’t be here to long.  Can you read me a story before I go.”

Lukas’ tear flow ceased. He wiped his eyes with the scruff of his sleeves.

“Yes. Now close the freezer and wipe your the ice cream of your face.”

Lukas gazed at the silvery innocence that poured from Bella’s eyes. At 12:30 the grandfather clock struck thirteen times. The window blew hot air. Cold air. Then hot air.


© Copyright 2019 John J. Doherty. All rights reserved.

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