A Light that shines on without you

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A mess.

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



Some people may be nice

For them you may fall

Cause added to your life is a spice

which is all but small.


You may be offered quite a bit

Love and trust and to feel calm

but at the end you may feel like shit

When it all disappears from your palm


Maybe you yourself are unsure

you're told they'd offer it all

but turns out they too are unsure

and something inbetween makin it impossible to stall


It may fair but it breaks your heart

steals from you a loving tart

Overweighing your phantom cart


But you would have felt better to be reassured

Even if you could not always do the same

Though you did want to offer it all

Lookin' down in the rain, what a shame.


You lose what is offering you light

and regain your miserable past

But it's not meant to stay, the thing called a kite

It's just not meant to last


You wonder if this is how it should be

where you can't have what you want

But open your eyes and you see

That either way, you really can't.


Cause when you're unsure and the other is sure

Maybe then, they could your heart secure.

But neither heart is very pure

Falling for this painful lure.


Not even meant as a trap

Still lose yourself without a map


Cause you did want, even though not fair

But you cannot expect the other to share


Share of what you could not make believe

If the other one cannot recieve

Then why should you?


But it would have been nice to not be plagued by a toxic thorn

But if things end well, maybe it's not all forlorn

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