Pile of Bones

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



So you've come bold adventurer

Was it the glory that brought you here, or the gold?

But nonetheless, whatever it was

You went ahead and walked right by

That pile of bones


It takes a naive person indeed to forget

That all of your surroundings have a story to tell

An unpleasant sight is no exception

And to disregard what you find inconvenient

Bodes poorly for your fate


See, those bones belong to one who came before you

A man who gave into his demons and was never unchained

Tempted with the comfort of emptiness he was

And emptiness he did embrace


A hollow existence he leads

A wretched life he lives

Servant of the void,

Devoted to drag all down to nothingness


The comfort for him is cold

The dull pain thuds still

The bones will never know warmth again

The love given to the man who once was

Will never be seen again


And you, poor naive fool

Soldier on, unaware

Of the imperceptible steps behind you

The trials you're about to face


You have no time to react

As the trap is finally sprung

As the chill wraps around you

Paralyzing you with the comfort of becoming numb


And so he enchants your heart

Another meal is needed to nourish the void

As your eyes helplessly flit about

For you were too naive to notice


Fools like you are sumptous prey

For those who have long succumbed to darkness

And made a deal with a force so vile

That their own hopes and dreams were not enough of a price to pay


This pile of bones does not walk alone

He has many of the same ilk

Who surrendered their own happiness to the encroaching void

And want to take away yours as well


Emptiness, dejection, wrath, despair

All drive them to harvest the hearts

Of those who dared to hold on to what they surrendered

The void has claimed him, and it will claim you too

Another victim you'll be, and then your mourners will be consumed too


As they spread their hopelessness through public acts of deadly rage

Or insidious despair that dooms you by your own hands

Know that the void hungers, and will never be fulfilled

Until all are in its grasp, once and forevermore


But it is too late for you, foolish adventurer,

For you should've cared for the forgotten pile of bones

Let us hope the next one to wander through these parts

Doesn't let his folly doom him to a fate as cruel as yours

Let us hope that he can push back against the void

Which taints this pile of bones

© Copyright 2019 Pulak Km. All rights reserved.

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