The Zodiac Brother

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Part 3

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



I appeared in the end of a musky hallway, too long for me to recognize the other end. The annoying wobbling of my chair forced me to sit still. The echoes of my chair's screeching were louder than the light, which dangled overhead with dim flickers.

My feet couldn't move easily anyway. They were planted to the blood on the concrete floor, and the sound of my shoes sloshing through it made me gag. 

From the other end of the hall, I heard footsteps like thunder. A demented tune being played on a key ring. Someone must've been searching for us. The door behind me was as tough as the solid cement walls, but that wouldn't matter once the door was unlocked.

Everytime I blinked, it was as if my eyes had been opening for the first time. My energy was running down the drain. 

Shawn’s voice tried talking to me through the buzzing in my brain. “I can't teleport from here.” 

His teeth rolled the bubblegum around. Each collapse of his jaw sent silver lightning bolts up his tongue. When I stared long enough, I could notice a static energy slightly levitating him from his chair. An electric storm was swarming his body, clinging to his hair. Golden blue, aqua, and lavender, being battled away by shiny diamond lightning. 

I looked down. It was on my body, too. The body Shawn was addressing as “Vincent” in his dryly beaming voice. 

Gannon addressed me as well. “Vince, what are we supposed to do?” Coated in a heavier diamond shield, while even more confused.

My eyes avoided the circle. I might have known who I was, though I didn't know what I was. Gannon was right to ask what we were supposed to do or where we were, but he was wrong to ask me. Not sure what to tell him, I said, “I'll figure this out. We're going to get out of here.” And it felt bad to promise such a thing. 

The overhead lamp died. I couldn't see my body anymore and my family was lost. My fingers fidgeted, and there were no ridges or bumps to remind me that I still existed. Floating in the pitch black, trying to ignore my sloshing footsteps, was the most I could do --- and that wasn't going to benefit anyone. 

I put my back closer to the door. I asked Veronica, “Is your blaze active right now?”

“Oh, my blaze,” she said. “You think it could light up the hall?”

“Is it active?” 

“Yes. But this hall spans ma-a-aybe 200 feet.” 

“Your blaze is very strong, though. It'll be perfect.”

Veronica’s hand went ablaze. She raised it so the massive cluster of flames could tower over us. A warmness echoed through the concrete hallway. The darkness was taken over by gleams stronger than sunlight, and cackles that helped us feel not so lonely.

Hazel of her eyes was glossed over with a peridot green when her blaze made everyone else's eyes glisten like jewelry. A grin plastered on her pink face as she realized she could do so amazingly.

Shay rushed away from the fire. Sapphire flushed out of his eyes and his hand gleamed instead. “I'll get us out of here.” He looked at my feet and asked me to move. His feeble hand, now consumed by his blue glow, shot a wave of energy towards the door. 

The lock began trembling. Shay whispered a poem of spells. 

The thunderous footsteps got louder. They knew we were making our leave. My heart fell into my gut, punching my rib cage. 

TJ screamed. I snatched him up. Bricks slammed down to the ground. A slab of concrete collapsed to show an SUV hurtling in. 

“Catch it!” came from my mouth. 

Two siblings, almost my size, swooped down. One to catch the bumper, the other the rear. Their hearts were slamming around in their barrel chests, shooting emerald-green blood through their thick arms and legs and neck. 

Clipped hair was covered in sweat from their necks and ears. The mountain of hair on top of both their heads was a mess of jet black and sandy blonde streaks; Slader’s waved to the right and Sadie’s to the left like a mirror image. The two squinted their big noses, scrunched their upturned emerald eyes, and shared grimaces, only jokingly as they gracefully caught the SUV like a pillow. 

“The damage from a fall like that…” Sadie wondered. 

Slader responded, “I woulda hoped the owner has insurance.” 

“Sure, car insurance is good. But someone coulda got hurt.”

“You forget --- life insurance is a thing, too.”

The SUV slammed to the ground. Their arms raced over their faces. Without thinking, I ripped them away as gravel poured into the building. The screeching of rocks hitting concrete was as terrifying as the crackling thunder. Gold waves of electricity smashed the concrete, shooting rocks and dust into my face.

The broken ceiling just barely revealed the monster. It was a tornado, howling and hovering over like a god. Waves of soil and saltwater were tightly ravelled together in a windstorm, entwined with tree branches and litter and beloved items. 

The sky was growing pitch black around it. Lilac lightning strikes were the only comfort, yet so blinding and mind-bending. 

An evil grin cracked through the tornado. Then another. And another. Three faces appeared from within the storm. Little aquamarine eyes glossed over with black. Amethyst eyes were slowly fading over with a black tint. Opal eyes were losing their gold and navy sparkles and we're dissolving into an empty black glare. Graying fingertips, as flat as mine, were holding on from the inside. 


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