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kathrine is a young sixteen year-old girl. her past life was one filled with best memories, yet the past will never be what she wants it to be. her father has used her to become his new... project.

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



I stared silently at the items scattered along the table, my gaze moving towards the bloody knife in my left hand. I gently closed my eyes and tilted my head to the beat of the grandfather clock ticking away. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. My feet swayed as I felt the atmosphere become denser and filled with tension, feeling a figure or multiple figures watching me. Ding! Ding!  The clock reached midnight. I inhaled a deep breath before opening my eyes to glance towards the items on the bloody table. The golden cup, which was decorated with gems splattered everywhere, had disappeared. I sighed deeply in disappointment.

“Why are you hiding from me?” I asked with a tint of innocence in my voice, as if a little girl were asking her mother for candy.

No response… I once again sighed and looked around me, I stepped forward without hesitation and inhaled a deep breath. “There is no reason to hide, I don’t bite, unlike you…” I knew my death was about to approach as multiple shadows whirled around me. However, I stood completely unfazed by the events occurring around me, I even managed a smirk to form on my lips. Coward… I thought with amusement. The little brat is too afraid to show himself to me? How sad, yet hilarious. I chuckled lightly at the thought. All shadows stopped moving and faded into the air. I frowned. Don’t tell me he has left!


“I would never do that,” responded a deep cackling voice behind me. I once again smirked. “In fact, I have been waiting for this to happen for many years.” I felt the figure move closer towards me and I replied with a snappy voice, “Then why were you hiding?” I could sense that the reply had taken him by surprise. “I see you haven’t changed, I know everything about you, so I expected you to try and summon me-” He picked up the mirror which lay face down on the table. “So, I decided to treat you to a little visit seeing that you missed me so much.” I laughed at his ‘story’ knowing that it was all a fake facade. I turned around to face the coward, only to be faced with a cloaked figure. My frown appeared once again. “Too afraid of me to show yourself?” I asked with a hint of annoyance. Even though the figure was cloaked, I knew that he smiled, no smirk, but a genuine smile, it made me feel a pang of sympathy jam through my heart. “I really miss you Kathrine, how about we go back to the hold memories? Remember when I used to chase you when you were younger? We could be like that once more.” I felt my heart almost pull apart at his words, they lingered around my head, making me uncapable of thinking properly. Don’t think like that Kathrine, he wants you to fall for his trap. It’s not worth it. However, I couldn’t help but feel my eyes close and see the world of where he and I were much younger than we were now.


“Kathrine! Stop running around! It’s hard for me, I may be immortal, but that doesn’t mean I still have the legs of a six-year-old!” He exclaimed with a loud burst of laughter. “Your gonna have to catch me!” Exclaimed Kathrine, still running around in circles.

Eventually the man had caught up to her and scooped Kathrine in his huge arms. “Got you!” They both burst into laughter, while Kathrine was punching at his arm, wanting to be released.


If only I could go back… I thought with my heart feeling torn apart. The figure once again smiled, making me feel attacked more than ever. “We could go back to those memories Kathrine, we could still be like that, even after eleven years, we could act like nothing has ever changed.” He extended his arm, in offering of a fairy-tale that will never exist. I waved his hand away, knowing that nothing could ever go back to the ways they used to be. “I can differentiate between reality and fantasy, I don’t need a lesson on that, you know that, after all you know everything about me.” I replied softly, letting the words I had prepared to say loudly and clearly, come out in a meek whisper. The figure smiled down at me once more before turning around. “I will miss you, my dear.” He said with sympathy and sadness, before fading along with the other shadows into a different world. “I’ll miss you too, father, even though I wish I wouldn’t,” I let a tear trickle down my cheek before finally giving up and bursting into multiple tears and crouching down, letting those last loving moments linger before forever erasing them…

Two weeks later: Olivia's point of view


I climbed over all the jagged and sharp rocks while wrestling my way through all the vines, leaves and long branches. I cursed under my breath as I felt my right-hand cut through a thorn on a rose bush.  I pulled my bleeding hand closer to my rising chest and used my other hand to wrestle with twice as much as it did before. I owe my left hand a million dollars.  I eventually found my way on the other side of the jungle. I gasped in awe as I stared across the vast, blue and crystal-clear ocean. I slowly started to move forward and grazed my injured hand across the still water. I instantly pulled my hand away when I saw the cuts on my hand pulling together and the bleeding slowly fading into nothing right before my eyes. I stared horrified at the water and started to shuffle backwards, planning to run away until I heard a voice.


I heard a small giggle from my left which sent tingles up my spine. I looked to my left to see a young girl around the age of sixteen staring at me with humour in her yellow eyes. She had dazzling purple hair that was somehow still dry even though she was in the water. The mysterious girl had soft features and a warm smile planted on her face. She bore a silver necklace across her neck that had a small skull on the end of it. Her ears had multiple piercing on them, most of which had dream catchers and stars as earrings.  She wore a short black tank top that was cut just above her belly button. She also had black leggings and white lace-up sneakers.

“No need to be afraid,” she told me with a slight smirk.

“W-who a-are y-you?” I asked trying to sound confident but only to sound like a mouse being cornered by a cat.

“Call me Kathrine, and may I have the pleasure of knowing your name mortal?” I was slightly confused why she had to call me mortal, but something about her didn’t seem right, she just set off millions of red flags. However, I found myself whispering my name to her as if only she could know and no one else.


“Interesting…” Kathrine replied with a slight tilt of her head. As if she could sense my uncomfortableness she urged me to come closer.

“Why are you so far away? Come closer, I don’t bite.” She motioned her arms to me. I tried to run away or at least say I didn’t want to, but my legs were planted on the ground and my mouth wouldn’t open. What’s wrong with me? Get up, Olivia. Without knowing I started to walk slowly towards Kathrine. As I got to the edge of the dark green grass and leaned down towards her, Kathrine grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the water.


I felt my throat and lungs burning from the lack of air and my eyes desperately trying to adjust to the sight of the blue ocean. I kicked my legs around and flayed my arms around trying to get back up to land. Can’t swim. I kept trying to swim but my legs were being pulled deeper into the ocean by someone. I peered down to see Kathrine smirking at me. She seemed to be fine under water.

“Don’t fight Olivia, all my friends want to see you.” Her voice seemed to have amplified fives time louder than on the surface.

I once again tried to squirm out of her grip but only got more tired and weak. Sleep became more inviting and my muscles started to lock in place. My eyes started to shut and I became more helpless and weak.

“That’s right, go to sleep. I’ll take care of you.” Kathrine whispered to me.


I slowly fluttered my eyes open, I felt as though I slept for an hour straight. I looked around to see that I wasn’t in the ocean anymore. Thank goodness for that but, where am I?  I thought to myself. I looked around to see huge fluffy clouds blue as far as I can see. I’m in the sky. I looked around to see Kathrine, except a bit… different looking. She had enormous black feather wings sprouting from her back and she had small black horns coming out of her head. Her short tank top now had been replaced with a long black gown that flowed behind her while in flight. Her shoes now no longer there, replaced with bare feet with multiple cuts across her feet. Her yellow eyes now were shaped like a cat’s and her soft features become more beautiful. I didn’t know what to do so I stayed silent and continued to stare in awe around us.


We eventually landed on the hard surface and I slightly stumbled when Kathrine finally let me go. I looked forward to seeing huge towering red doors. I quickly side-glanced at Kathrine and saw her staring sympathetically at me. Kathrine slowly grasped my hand and placed something in my palm.

“Good luck and don’t say anything stupid okay?” Before I even got the chance to inquire anything, she flew away.



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