"three short horror stories"

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3 short stories 1 about intruders, one about a vandalized car and apparent death and the last about sleep paralysis which turns into an attempted kidnapping.

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



Top 3 scary horror stories. These are legit scary stories so you have been warned.


1 it was a dark October night. A women was outside sitting with her two children when her youngest daughter asked who the man was staring at them? Confused her mother said that there was no one  staring at them. Well a few seconds went by and a man stepped out from the shadows holding a knife. He screamed as loud as he could at the family when another man put his hand over the mothers mouth from behind. 

She managed to kick the man and she got her kids to her car and locked herself inside the car. She called the police. A few minutes went bye with silence and right as the police arrived a brick was thrown into the car shattering the windshield. 

The family was traumatized. The police found the two men responsible they were two eighteen year olds and there reason for doing this was "We were bored and wanted to scare the sh*t outta someone"


Number two. 

A man and women just got out from a play in downtown Cleveland. The wife realized that they're car had been vandalized. There was an "X" marked on the passenger side of the car. The women screamed in fear as she realized that the red paint that was used to make the "X" was fresh blood and something was laying on the car tire...a human hand.


And lastly this one may be the worst. 


A twelve year old girl who had a history of suffering from sleep paralysis had it the worst as one night she was asleep when she heard a loud bang on her bedroom door. 

She opened her eyes, she couldn't move as she saw from the shadows a man walking into her bedroom. He smiled at her and slowly approached her. He had a knife in his hand and was covered in blood. 

He grabbed her by her hand and slowly pulled her off of the bed and started to drag her by her hand out of her bedroom into the hallway and out the front door to his car. She could only scream as she was being kidnaped. When the kidnaper was about to shut the door with her in it she felt her other hand being grabbed at and pushed outside of the car she looked over to see her father. 

He punched the kidnaper in the face as the kidnaper jabbed his knife into the fathers leg, the kidnaper then got in his car and drove away as fast as he could. The dad had saved his daughter but he ended up loosing a lot of blood and had to have his leg amputated. The family however are alive and doing well to this day.

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