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Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



This article is inscribed keeping in view of Indian small and medium Business environment.

The stuff I am writing may not be tangible for immediate results and also not viable hard-on-inducing on employees to perform their best in the workplace. This maneuver needs coaching, training, and perseverance to excel at eventually. Business deals happen through human relationships and human assets – on the ability of employees to create, apply skills, work together in a team and accumulate that success knowledge through repeated feats. They should pass that success knowledge to followers. Most of SMEs are failing because of missing above exercise.

To raise SME’s business performance or know their market position, I am asking 5 simple questions. Beneath every question, I have given some general summary to avoid confusion and ready for a quick assertion.

If, Directors, Proprietor, Top leaders at the helm of affairs of SME’s, visionaries, Managers and senior employees answer these questions successfully, truthfully and fruitfully, then I feel their SME is positioned for success, if not for success at least for survival.

Many people are blind to their true feelings and also no more able to express them truthfully and candidly. But people, who are in business, need to be transparent, truthful and candid. Answer questions true to your heart.

1.Did the founders have relevant experience and lay a proper foundation for future success of the business?

 Make sure your business is future-proof to avoid business mortality with first 3 years of its inception, which is not uncommon in the business world. Create company and define what makes company different, adaptable, and ability to identify opportunities first and exploit opportunities faster.

2.When top management look at their employees, do they see their employees’ resourcefulness in teams for SME’s success? Create data, system, and process to turn expectations into business reality.

3.Did SME gauge commitment and competence Versus Key company’s Goals?

If you want people to pursue their goals, you must make sure that they are sufficiently trained and motivated. Create clean, lean and mean “SWAT TEAM”, rather than having too many wasteful employees.

Goals of creations:

·Recognized as important and must be clear.

·Define in specific terms.

·Measurable and framed in time.

·Aligned with SME strategy.

·Challenging at the same time achievable


4.Company’s ability to face tough marketing and sales competition?

Obtain data on Territory and lead management. Concentrate on limited, easy and financial stable markets. Small firms will never win on price, but they can compete on value and service, while the more specialized their product or service, the better. In a crowded marketplace, the real trick is finding a gap and having the right product to fill it. They can be flexible and adaptable to meet customers' needs speedily and through the clever use in limited territory coverage instead of large area network, they can make their brand more 'loveable', which gives them the edge."

5.Are employees learning abilities, improving skill set and work getting better over time?

And using several methods for each training session may actually be the most effective way to help employees learn and retain information.

What are your training goals for this session?

·New skills

·New techniques for old skills

·Better workplace behavior

·A safer workplace

A fair and equal workplace free of discrimination and harassment

·Who is being trained?

 ·New employees

·Seasoned employees

·Upper management

·What is your training budget?

How much time has been allocated for training within your organization?

What training resources and materials do you have at your disposal?

Your answers to these questions begin the narrowing process for your training choices. Now let’s examine those training methods, their pros and cons, and where they best fit to achieve goals.

This five questions method helps to improve the effectiveness of employees and a retrospection of top management.

Hope I have given enough explanation beneath questions. Rest is in your circuit to create notes appropriate to your SME.

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