Cold Snap Kills Manatees

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Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018




When something you see or hear relates to your life it becomes so much more powerful. Writers use this trick all the time in there books. When a reader feels a connection to a character they are more likely to become more interested in the book. So when you see a news story about something that relates somehow to your life you become all the more interested. Now let me tell you a story.

There are two parts of this story, but first let me start with mine. On December 16th 2017 I had the privilege to go visit my grandparents down in Florida. When I got down there I stayed in my grandparents little house that borders a series of canals. In these canals several manatees liked to spend their time. I have loved manatees ever since I got a book about them for a birthday. So I was really excited when we could see their noses or backs peeking up from the water. I took a lot of pleasure from watching the manatees especially one family that seemed to be in the canal everyday. I would sit on one of the small docks and read, or watch the manatees. One day as I was reading my grandfather decided to wash his boat so that we could go out together. After helping him clean the boat he showed me a trick. The manatees live in salty water but the drink fresh water so they have to find someway to get it. Usually they go to the electric plant to get it, but if you sprayed the hose water into the canal they came “running”. As my grandfather spray the water onto the manatees I was able to crouch down and pet one of the babies. It was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I was able to pet the manatees a few more times before I left Florida and came back up to chilly Vermont.

Like I said there are two parts to the story so here is the second half. As I continued my life in Vermont, in Florida disaster struck. Florida is one of those places that you would never expect to get snow. It seems like it is warm all year round. Most of the time it is this way but sometimes... In January of 2018, Florida went through a cold snap one that was deadly for some animals, namly the manatees. Over a short period of time 35 manatees were found dead and more were injured. The cold snap slowed the manatees down and many stumbled into the horrifying teeth of boat motors. I hope that the family of manatees that I spent so much time around was able to avoid the jaws of death.  

Did you see what I did, I can’t know for sure how to felt when you read this but you most likely feel more strongly then if I hadn’t made it personal and relatable. There is something about stories that you can relate to that make them all the more lovable. Sorry if you depressed now but sometimes that can’t be helped.


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