The most beautiful selfie of all

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a poem about how our daily obsession with social media can blind us in the world we live in

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



In this world of in the moment
A billion likes cannot say
Just how a heart is beating
In its purest loving way

280 characters are not enough
When the mind composes a letter
No smiling face or crying eyes
Will make the darkness better

Life faces forward
We look back not ahead
Our eyes the perfect camera
To a world where love can spread

Affection is not measured on a status
Love is just created
It is worn on the heart within
Not always complicated

Memories are locked in the mind
A vault that's full of glory
Forever able to be felt
Not a disappearing story

Life is what we make it
A vast world to be seen
Earth of exploration
Beyond a fading screen

Wake up from social shackles
Walk the road ahead
The most beautiful selfie in the world
Is the path you have yet to tread

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