My theory on why Jane the virgins Micheal is still alive

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This article is on the fact that *spoiler* from Jane the Virgin is still alive. This article will include the facts, my personal theory and other peoples theory. Please comment your theorys as I am
a huge fan girl over Jane the Virgin and irgo Rafeal is mega fitt

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



 Jane the virgin Season 4 finale- Micheal is back!

Yes thats right, too those who dont know, first of all I wouldn't read this as you will be spoiling it for yourfelf, and second of all Micheal is back Biatch! The season 4 finale had alot of shocking cliff hangers which makes Jane the Virgin geeks like me pratically eating are hair waiting for whats gonna happen next, of course their was the whole Micheal isn't really dead thing, and also #whodidJRshoot incident but this article is on Micheal.


So as you guys should know on Jane was acedintally inseminated with Rafeal's sperm by Luisa Alver Rafs sister, who was having an afair with her ex- stepmother Rose or better known as Sin Rostro,(Murder, drug lord, illegal plastic surgeon operator,all time sociopath). This was a problem beacuse Jane was engaded to Micheal and Raf was married to Petra. Eventually Jane and Raf gt together, had baby Mateo, Petra insamated herself with Rafs stolen sperm to win himback over. Raf and Jane split up eventually Jane got back with Micheal. Petra had twins Anna and Elsa. Micheal and Jane got married. On their wedding night when Jane was abut to loose her virginity Micheal got shot by Rose,thankfully he survived  but later in an exam he "Died," it fast forward by 3  years and on the last episode Micheal was alive.


My theory

My theory is that Rose is behind it (obviously)  and this is how I think she done it. In that episode just before Micheal went to sit the bar exam he was acting weird and Jane asked him about it and Micheal replied "oh it's just exam jitters,". 

My theory is that earlier that day and when Micheal said that, was that that wasn't actually him it was an asociate of Rose's who she made him look like Micheal through plastic surgery (Afterall she used to run a plastic surgery ring) then she killed him of, and kidnapped the real Micheal.


Other theorys 

A popular theory is that Micheal faked his own death so that Rse wouldn't threatan Jane  and Matteo.

Another thery is that Micheal really did die and that he had a long lost twin.Thishas happened before with Petra and Anshka.

Another theory is that Rose poisend Micheal but not enough to kill him. Then she kidnapped him.


Thank you for reading! Please comment your theorys! 

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