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just being different

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



Day 145 Planet X-75


I hate this place. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I stand out to much, i'm different. Everyone looks the same and everyone is always in unison. Whether walking to class, or  playing ball everyone follows the sequence one-two one-two. While marching one-two, one-two. While solving problems one-two, one-two. Eating one-two one-two. Its as if everyone in this world has been programmed to do the same thing at the same time. No thing is out of order except me. My parents are constantly telling me to stop embarrassing them, and follow the order. But no matter how hard I try I can't fit in. Just today we went outside to study the natural world. We were walking on a path and I saw that even the wildlife was able to follow the simple pattern on this world. One-two, one-two. After that trip, I got bullied a lot. But by now i'm used to it. People start Yelling at me saying things like, “Even wildlife can follow in, maybe your just worse than the animals.” Then everyone starts to laugh but it’s in unison, Ha-ha Ha-ha. I don't think I can stand this anymore.


Day 235 Planet X-75


My parents took me to the three wise men of the city, and asked them if they could do anything to help me become normal. They said before they could do anything else, they must test me without help. For the first task they gave me a small cylinder. They asked me what I thought it was. I told them that it was a plane trying to take the right people to the right place. They just listened, and shook there head in disappointment. Then they gave me a paper with ink splattered over. They asked me what I saw. I told them that I saw a white sheep mixed in a field of black sheep. Again they simply shook there head. Finally they held up a mirror. But this mirror isn't an ordinary mirror, it showed you your future on the world X-75. I looked, and saw myself. I saw myself as i see myself right now. So I told the three wise men that I see a sad, lonely person, who will never be able to fit in no matter how hard he tries. I looked up at the mirror once more, then looked away knowing that I will never be normal. The three wise men moved me to a different room and said they needed to talk to my parents for a private discussion. After the discussion my parents looked very upset. However, they wouldn't tell me anything about what happened.


Day 238 Planet X-75


My parents finally told me the news. I was to be sent to a planetarian boarding school. But those who went, never came back. My parents told me it was for the greater good. Sure I might hate this place, but this was the only place that I have ever known. I was told to pack my bags and was sent to the Intergalactic spaceport. I asked for more information about where I was going to and the three wise men told me that I was going to a place where it would be best for a kid like who who couldn't fit in. It would be a place where being different is normal.The thought of other people being different in there own way scared me. I was going to be transported to planet called  U-n1q3. I got into my space pod and was blasted away, watching my used to be home, get farther and farther away.


Day 1 Planet U-n1q3


I just arrived and as I got of my pod, I saw a wide range of colors, and different people. No two people looked alike and everyone was different. I came to the intergalactic passport check. A tall muscular man looked at me and asked me “FIrst time?”

“Yes.” I replied boldly.

“You look ready for this world kid.” He said

“I hope so,” I replied with the same amount of toughness he said to me.

He stamped my passport, looked at me and smiled saying,

“Welcome to earth.”


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