Dr. Gabriel

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Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



Dr. Gabriel


- Well how have you been Norm? I haven't been able to see

you for a few months, I've been away.

- I'm constipated Dr. Gabriel, I can't go to the toilet.

- Well that's a change Norm, you're usually worried you're

going to lose control of your bowels. That's been the dominant

fear of your anxiety. You tell me that you always like to be close

to a toilet, in case you want to go. Well I guess that anxiety could

be making you constipated now. What do you think Norm?

- No doctor, I'm constipated because I'm pregnant.

- Pregnant? How can you be pregnant Norm?

- I've got a baby in my bowel!

- Yes Norm, yes. How did this happen?

- I was raped by a homosexual angel.

- There's no such thing Norm. It sounds like you've added 

homophobia to your other psychiatric problems.

- No it's true Dr Gabriel, it came in through my bedroom window,

just before I was about to go to sleep, and raped me!

- You were dreaming Norm. You had a nightmare!

- No I didn't, I did get raped Dr. Gabriel. There were feathers all

over the floor when I woke in the morning!

- Norm. you're being treated for extreme anxiety, you've had 

treatment with pills, and electro-shock treatment, perhaps it's

time we took the next step and gave you a lobtomy.

- No Dr. Gabriel! I'm pregnant! I can feel it move inside me,

I can feel it kick!

  Dr. Gabriel got up from his desk, took off his jacket and opened

the large window behind him, and breathed in the air, and 

looked down to the park thirty stories below.

- Well Norm, I don't know what to say, you don't look well. Norm

you look sick and frail. I can't force you to have a lobotomy against

your will, why don't you come over here and look at the lovely view

of the park and river below to take your mind of your problems for  

a few moments.

  Norm did just that, he shuffled over to Dr, Gabriel and looked out

the window. Dr. Gabriel grabbed him and jumped out the window

with him, resplendent white wings burst through Dr. Gabriel's

shirt, and he flew upwards towards the clouds, holding Norm...

- You'll never have to worry again Norm... never again... Muhahaha!

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