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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

…I want to help myself, be an independent man. I don’t want no one to give, me a helping hand. Whether you are black, whether you are white, I don’t give a damn, I just want to be alright… It’s
2018, and it feels like the world is going backwards, isn’t this the year where everybody is finally getting along, or bullying is not as strong as in the past? Isn’t this the year where our
generation is supposed to be open-minded? Well, Apparently not. Elena Gilbert is a jamaican girl, struggling with the recent changes going on since Charles, son of the Queen Elizabeth II is the new
Prime Minister. It's 2018 I said, and all the wrong choices from the past, are coming back.

Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



Chapter I

Silence. That’s all I hear when I go out of my house, the street is empty, it looks like everyone ran away because there are suitcases on the floor, the cars in the middle of the street were abandoned, what the hell happened?

I continue to walk down the street with my bass on my back, the quiet street is turning into a loud one and I can see people now, everyone looks angry, they’re screaming but I can’t quite understand, they’re holding signs, but I can’t really see what they say.

Before I could approach, someone tackled me, the bass on my back fell to the ground and I felt a hand grabbing my hair pulling me to the floor. I heard some laughs and people saying that I deserved it, someone even spat on my hair. It was a bunch of white people.

Ever since the queen of England Elizabeth II sent her son Charles to Jamaica, he immediately took advantage of the situation, now he is the Prime Minister of our country, I even heard that he literally kicked out the previously Prime Minister Andrew Michael of his house, with his family.  When Charles came to Jamaica, a lot of British people came as well.

My first instinct was to fight the guys that hurted me, I was ready to fight them, but someone stopped me, it was Brendon, he carried me, so I wouldn’t do something stupid, the white guys started laughing again, but this time I was the one who spit them. One of them tried to punch me but Brendon started running so, as the street was crowded, we were able to escape from them. But before Brendon ran, I saw one of the guys grab my bass.

Once we were safe, I started to panic, they have my bass, what am I going to do now! I remembered the guy’s face so now, I was going to try to get my bass back.

“Elena, where are you going?” Brendon shouted.

“Those idiots have my bass, you know how important it is for me”

Right now, with the protest going on, it’s going to be impossible for you to find it” I started crying so he hugged me. “Listen, I’m going to help you okay? Just not right now, let’s go to the rehearsals and we’ll come back when we finish”.

We arrived to Perrie’s house, our British friend -yes, I said British- and pianist of our band, we met her in our university, she’s one of the good ones, she always stands up for us whenever there is a fight.

In the basement of Perrie’s the rest of my friends were already there, smoking weed, they only do it because our band plays reggae music, that’s just stupid in my opinion.

Hey guys” said Reggie while kissing his boyfriend Peter.

Are you okay Elena? Have you been crying?” Leigh-Anne stopped smoking.

“Didn’t you see the news? There’s a protest, the whities are trying to kick all the black people from schools, jobs, buses, from everywhere!” Brendon said angrily. “Elena just happened to be in the middle of the protest, even though she’s not black, some guys were treating her badly… they took her bass” 

“Oh, I’m so sorry Elena, I know much it meant to you” Said Peter.

I didn’t say anything, I just wanted to play some music, so I could relax a little. I thanked Perrie for lending me the bass she had. We started playing our new song “Obsession”, Reggie wrote it for Leigh-Anne and Peter to sing it. The song was about the obsession some people have for a change, whether the change is good or bad and how those changes affect the rest of the community.

I wasn’t relaxing at all, I wanted to get my bass back, everyone noticed that I was distracted, I messed up some notes, so we had to start all over again. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, but in reality, I left the house.

As I walked in the street I started to remember my father Thomas, he also had a band when he was my age, he played the bass as well, I remembered that he used to play for me whenever I was feeling sad, I remembered his raspy voice, the way he would wiped my tears, and then my mom Rosie would come with hot chocolate for the three of us, and then kiss my dad, then, together we would start singing to a Bob Marley song.

My mom died from cancer when I was 12 years old, that broke my dad’s heart, he did everything to not look week in front of me, but I did notice that he was falling apart. He took care of me, and he really did a good job, I am what I am because of him, “my father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me” (Jim Valvano).

 I also remember the last time I saw him, he was playing the bass for the first time since my mother’s death, he was teaching me how to play it, then, the police entered our house abruptly, they had guns and my dad’s body was covered in red spots.

One of them screamed “Thomas Gilbert! You are under arrest for the murder of Matthew Reynolds, you have the right to remain silent. If you do say anything, what you say can be used against you in a court of law.” The policeman handcuffed my dad and took him to their car. We didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. All I had from him, was his bass.


© Copyright 2020 Heymema. All rights reserved.

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