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after devastation hits the earth, there is one person left. the last human alive.

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018




It got lonely, lonely quick. I was never one to necessarily like being around people, but I was never one to like feeling alone either. Now, I am.


Since the explosion, I've searched and searched. Walked miles, explored where I've never been. Not one real, alive person to see. I am the last person on earth, no life to live, no friends to have; on a whole planet, I'm alone.


I've considered death, an escape, finally seeing real faces again. I haven't looked into the eyes of a person for years, it drove me mad. I screamed, I cried, but none of that fixed my biggest problem; how was I going to survive?


I had found a reason to live, with no other humans on earth, I had to find someway to continue the human race, be the new Eve. But, I had no Adam.  I started to collect Mannequins; they resembled a person and, well, that was good enough for me.


I’ve given up, I have people now, friends. It sounds like I’m crazy I know, but I’m not, I can’t be.


I placed Lola to sit in her chair, the white mannequin wearing a pink sundress that clung tightly to her plastic body. She sat next to Ryan, another plastic body wearing fashionable plaid. He had much more colour to him than Lola. I turned around, facing the others. A smile grew as I clapped my hands together. Now, I have more friends than ever. Many, many mannequins stood frozen, still; dead. It didn’t matter whether they were dead or alive, they were still there for me.


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