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Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018




L is for lust,

Lust is a powerful thing 

Lust can drive someone to the point of choosing 

Lust can be hurtful as it seems 

someone can be taken for granted for the way that they are

L is for learning 

learning from past mistakes but you keep making them 

learning from what is right and or wrong 

learning is overcoming what happened




O is for overcoming thing that you wanna overcome 

like deepening scar that someone can just drive into your soul

like summers day to its night it is unlikely to hurt but at the same time it still hurt

having someone wanting you to no end but wanting to breathe at the same time 

O is overpowered 

overpowered by the thoughts that are in your head 

overpowered that is needed for the fear to sink in 

overpowered by the fear of being alone again 

Afraid of what might come next 




V is for vulnerability

being exposed for a thing that you did 

never want to express yourself

being voiceless and trapped in a dark cluster filed darkness 

unable to reach for the hand and falling back into the darkness 

Weakened by the power of being attacked 

Weakened of being vulnerable 

Weakened by the shield that you put up to protect yourself 





E is for every time

Every time you look into the person that you're supposed to be with but feel like you are staring into an emptiness

Why does everyone sit here and think that you are suppose to be strong?

When will everyone sit here and think that it is your time to heal? 

When will you be free?

When will be able to finally look that person in the eye and scream no that is enough!

When will you be able to love yourself like others do?





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