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Am I so different?

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Who am I?

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



I walked into my room, grabbed my teddy and sat crossed legged on my bed. I loved my teddy, grandma gave her to me when I was four years. Now I’m nine and older. Teddy was originally white, but she started to turn brown in colour. I raised my teddy up to my chest and whispered silently to her. “Mama is talking with the tall people. I don’t like them, they smirk too often.” I spoke to my teddy silently. I knew teddies couldn’t talk, my science teacher got mad when I said she did, but it was comforting to talk to another, except Mama, who isn’t on vacation. Mama talks too much about Mr Hitler whenever we have a conversation.


I examined my room, with the peeling warm pink and white polka dotted wallpaper. Daddy said he would fix it, but he never did it. He left for vacation before he could. I stared at the pictures on the walls. One was of me, Mama, Daddy and Max. I looked sad in the picture. The cameraman said no smiling, it was hard but I managed to not smile. Although it was black and white, I could still remember the colours everyone wore. Mama had pitch black hair and green eyes while Daddy had brown hair with really dark brown eyes. Max had black hair with really dark brown eyes, it must have been genetic, but then there was me… a blonde girl with intense blue eyes. I was much paler than Mama, Daddy and Max, which just made me feel more left out. Daddy said that it was a gift to be born like that, I just felt even more left out.

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