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Mama... Don't leave me...

Chapter 4 (v.1) - She left me!

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



I shook violently, I heard a piercing scream sound through the halls. It had sounded like Mama. The tall people must’ve scared Mama, no one can scare Mama! I stomped out of my room and down the stairs to see the main door closed with Mama sprawled across the floor. Mama was covered in red stuff. I ran over to her and held her hand.

“A-Ad-Adina…” Mama weakly whispered. Tears fell from her eyes onto her cheeks. I started to cry as well, I didn’t know why, but I didn’t think Mama was okay.

“Mama, what did the tall people do to you?” Mama smiled lightly. I must have said something funny… the tall people need to learn how to be funny, maybe I could teach them!  However, nothing seemed funny anymore as Mama started to close her eyes.

“What should we do with the girl?” The door had opened again to reveal the same tall people. I wanted to walk up to them and kick them on the leg, yet, Mama had previously said that was unpolite, so I merely just ignored them.

“Leave her, she won’t be a threat to us. Captain would be mad if we killed her, you know we wouldn’t want that to happen, right?” I was still confused on what was happening. I just wished Daddy or Max were here. “That doesn’t matter! She is the daughter of the mad woman! We must kill her. Her mother was a disgrace, a half Jewish and half German scum!” The other tall man retorted angrily. However, the other tall man just replied calmly, “She is a German girl, her mother and father are only her adopted parents. We can’t hurt her.” The tall people had stopped talking and started to walk away. One of them, the calm man, stayed and looked at me, then his gaze lingered on Mama. He smiled at me. He stepped back from the door and shot me one last parting glance before walking out of the door.

“I love you Mama” I whispered silently as I saw Mama take her last breath before falling into a deep sleep. I stood up and creeped over to the door to see if anyone was there. No one seemed to be there so I ran up to my room and shut the door behind me. I let myself slide down the door and raised my knees close to my chest, burying my face in my legs to hide the tears streaming down my face. Mama was gone and she wasn’t coming back, no matter how much I wished she would.

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