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they were strangers.... but they said they were my family...

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Strangers or Family?

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



Buddy led me out of the house, with his large hands engulfing my tiny hands. I completely forgot about my suitcase, but Buddy told me to leave it at the house. I just nodded and let him lead me down the streets. No body gave me weird stares anymore, they just passed by us. I smiled happily, i like having no attention on me, it didn't stress me out to look my best. Buddy led me down a much more... dangerous looking streets after we turned a sharp right. I started panicking as I soon realised this was the alleyway Daddy told me to never enter, I pulled away from buddy's gripped and slowly backed away from him. He turned to me and stared at me with questioning eyes. 

"Mama told me to never enter this street by myself." I told him as I nervously spun my head from side to side to observe my sorroundings. Buddy just smiled and grabbed my hand lightly agin before tugging it again.

"But your not by yourself little one." I just nodded my head slightly and let him drag me down the alleyway. eventually, he led me to a very fancy looking house. It had really tall white pillars and had really pretty roses, lillys and other flowers growing delicately in the garden. the garden was very symmetrical looking, which just made me satisfyed. Buddy led me inside the house and I was greeted by a crowd of people looking towards me. I hid behind buddy. I was shy...

"Don;t be shy little one, we're your new family."

I frowned, they were strangers... but they said they are my family...

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