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12? Maybe 13? Tall people in the room...

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Too Many Tall People

Submitted: October 09, 2018

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Submitted: October 09, 2018



I was led down a bright hallway with large, tall white pillars and walls. I saw more of those tall people, also known as guards. I hid behind Buddy, but he gave me a reassuring smile, although his smile was wobbling and his eyes filled with tears. i gave him a questioning look before shrugging the whole situation off and moving to stand back in front of Buddy. Soon we entered a dark room, no windows or any other doors apart from the one we just came through. I was pushed inside and the door locked behind me. 

I was sweating and punching the locked door weakly, begging for anyone to let me out.

"Buddy! Please h-help m-me!" I chocked out my sobs and fell against the door. All of a sudden, I felt a wat sticky substance trickle down me. The whole area was filled with it, everything was covered with the wet sticky substance. I heard a small clink behind me and watched as one of the guards opened the door only to throw a lit match inside the lock the door quickly behind him before I could escapr. I catched a glimpse of Buddy layed across the floor, tears staining his pale face and him pulling at his hair strands, screaming at the guards. When the door closed, fire... fire was everywhere.

I was shaking violently, fire was closing in behind me, I was scared, i wanted to go home, to Mama, daddy, Max, anyone but the guards. The fire enclosed me and I was stuck in a ring of fire. I cried for help and screamed with eveything I had as I felt the hot substance pealing at my skin and burning my hair, dress and skin as my scream filled the room. Everything was silent as I couldn't find my voice anymore and my lifeless body fell to the ground... All I could hear was silence and all I could see was darkness...

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