Is This Real?

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A high school girl with a broken soul has a crush with one of the most dreamy guys she has ever seen; however, things seem to be getting a little too perfect. Was it just all in her mind?

Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



Heart’s pounding, goosebumps crawl all over. We lock eyes… His dark brown eyes glow through his glasses. I start to shake and quickly look away. After a minute I look back, but he is gone... I look back at the school towards the school classrooms and he is nowhere to be seen. 


I’m a ghost, I’ve always been the excluded one. Why is it so hard just to talk to that one person though? Everyday is the same… same school, same classes, same people; however, that one guy, there is something different about him everyday. I see an aura all around him. His perfect smile brightens the whole day. Everything about him is just perfect. But there is me… a broken soul with a shattered heart, there is no way he would love a girl like me. 


I’m laying in bed, scrolling through my phone. I see his name pop up in my recommendations. My body couldn’t move. Should I? Should I not? My mind was playing so much games with me. I close my eyes… I hit request friend… he won’t accept me, he doesn’t even know I exist in this universe. Five minutes later a notification appears. It’s him! he wants to request back! My heart is beating so fast it feels like I won a lottery. I press accept and there is another notification… He sent me a message. “Hey, how are you” it read. I have never felt so happy in my life. I messaged back and we started having a conversation…


I never thought this day would ever come. I checked the time, and I completely lost track of time. We had been talking for five hours straight. I didn’t want to go to sleep. 


Next day I drive to school and realise that I was talking to my crush the whole time. What am I supposed to do now in person? Will he come up to me? I’m even more nervous now. 


The day went by and there was no sign of him I ears drop on one of his mates, “ I wonder why James stayed home?”. Should I message him if he is ok? No, I don’t want to sound clingy. My conscience made me take my phone out and check up on him. As I took my phone out I see all these messages. “ Good morning”, “Are you there?”, “I know we have never spoken at school but you seem cool”. All these messages through out the whole day. Different reasons run around in my mind. I reply “Why me?”. It showed he had seen the message straight away and he says “You seem special and different from the others, let’s meet up somewhere.” 


Weekend arrives and I go to our meeting spot. He has my favourite flowers, this can’t be real? The picnic mat was covered with both of our favourite foods.  We spend hours talking and laughing, then he stares at me with his eyes where I could drown in…My heart is beating super fast, why am I nervous? He comes closer towards me…


Wake up! Wake up! Wait what? What is happening? I look around and I’m attached to a glass headset with wires all over me. I’m inside a glass cube, I look around and see about fifty other people in the same condition as me. I see people dressed in white, they’re talking to me but I’m not sure what they are saying. Other people in the room are clapping, what did I do? 


I looked at the screens across the room. That means… no no, I was dreaming! They can see everyones dreams, more like wishes to me. I shed a tear and watch it slowly splash on the glass floor, I can’t remember anything besides that dream. How am I even here? I look back up and start screaming, “Get me out of here!.” I feel so much pain, it hurts. I physically can’t move. 


I notice someone in the room… that smile at me, it looks familiar…no it can’t be… I look at the eyes…it was him! 

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