Kelly Titan

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Kelly Titan is the beginning of a science fiction universe where the reader will explore the origin story of a supervillain with a mental disorder and a deep understanding of AI programming.
However, many antagonists start their journey as someone good, but the perspective will change over the course of the series, later to experience the story from Kelly's new perspective as the
story's villain. The reader will get the chance to explore why good people turn bad, and why bad people turn good, and the reasons behind it.

It stars an orphan tomboy named Kelly Titan, an advanced computer scientist with the brains over brawn to her advantage. She was taken from the streets of Earth at a young age to a mining planet,
Quill, to work on a project she never knew the real purpose for. Soon she became a part of a new family and gained a purpose. What she didn't know was that she was working on a next generation
overwatch system called Olympus. A system keeping millions of people trapped on Quill, never to return back to Earth. All given the promise of a high reward. Instead, they were all fooled and
became slaves under Olympus watching eye. Millions of humans became stranded on the red desert planet, only to extract fuel back to Earth. Kelly will understand that what she helped to created
wasn’t just a overwatch system, it was the very foundation of which a new kind of slavery was built on. An intergalactic treadmill to drain Earth from the unwanted.

Upon deeper discovery, Kelly will find herself in the middle of an alien civil war that the humans have started and funded to keep the fear amongst the colony workers. Kelly will be given the
opportunity to become the bridge between the humans and the natives, but in order to become the bridge and save a planet from oppression, she has to go against her own creation, her own family.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: June 12, 2018

Chapter 1. An unforgiving heat scorched the rust-red dunes that stretched endlessly in every d... Read Chapter

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