Kiss The Rainbow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018




Hushed words carried away on gentle winds

Reminiscences fade over time as delicate ones begin

Such sweet memories enlightened by a distant touch

Embedded in a rainbow of honeyed soft lush

A spellbinding invitation floating above

An arrowed bow from a huntress’ love

Eyes closed, as you cocoon my body with a blanket to keep me warm

Hold me tighter, as we weather a fervent storm

Over the rainbow a place only for us

Where time stands still, anxiousness propels the midnight rush

Soft lips dance against yours, as the mind relinquishes so much

Fate surrenders to Destiny, a wondrous conveyance of such

Hands aimlessly wandering, craving a thrilling royal flush

Land me in soft field of Heather for a nocturnal waiting game

Fueling the heated passions of an undying flame

Caressing me gently as you whisper out my name

No more beguiling than to experience the lust of fame

Restore all that’s lost, as emotions weave in and out of this masterful game

Silken drops to proclaim

Come unto me on your own free will

In the cup of its lovers fill

Thunder of a echoing roar, released, a pearly rainfall instilled so deep

Blow so gentle winds of serenity

Souls harmonizing in rapture of its weakened identities

Heart, mind, body, the acclamation behind the soul’s amenities

Guidance as you kneel to your knees

Spread a rose petal, pollinate the nectar as you so gallantly please

Thank you my handsome Gardner, as you’ve bloomed behind my flowering tease

Allow the stars to guide your desired leads

Open your eyes, feel the seesawing words

Like a bird, seen, but not often heard

Once in a lifetime a Red Cardinal tweets

The melody carried for a Blue Jay sounds so sweet

Our nest built pass the meet and greet

A red ribbon floating in the sky journeying by time as it goes up 

Come inside for shelter to quench your thirst, sipped from the rim of mysticism’s unbroken cup

I stand alone against society grain

Leery now of society’s systematic pain

Here comes the winds once again

I have my sneakers on, twenty yard dash, done in ten

Shielded now, as you seek temporary refuge

Watching the world spinning as if a centrifuge

It feels so good to get out and play

Kiss the rainbow to chase the blues way

The heart always feels what the mind cannot covey

Mind to mind read from off the same written page

My personal theatrical mental stage

No costumes to fit as the warm air looms

Winds sailing my mind far away, gliding over the pyramids, and Egypt sand dunes

Past all the rhetoric, heartaches, and gloom

Kiss the rainbow of contentment, where the heart flutters, only to be consumed


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