The Day the Yellow Snuck In

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Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



The Day the Yellow Snuck In


I woke up one morning with a considerable plight

I discovered nature’s yellow,

Had snuck in, 

In the night.


There were bits of it here and bits of it there 

There even were bits in my underwear!


So I went round my house with rapid precision

To clean it all up had been my decision

But as much as I wiped and as much as I polished

Not one bit of yellow could I seem to demolish!


At the end of the day not one yellow was gone

So I locked up the house and slept until dawn.


I awoke with a start! When I heard a loud tapping

A bee at my window discontinued my napping.

But what was he saying? What was it he sought?

I didn’t speak bee. I’d never been taught.


He seemed to be angry and not just a little.

I called my two dogs.  There was no time to fiddle.


First came Dim Sum, who we sometimes called Bucket.

He has a sick paw and spends time trying to suck it….

The other is Crunch. He can be quite grumpy.

If you move too quickly, he gets very jumpy.


Both spoke fluent bee so I told them my trouble,

Two dogs with one problem can sometimes help double.

Well, they all had a chat and what seemed to come about

Was what the bee wanted, was the yellow let out!


So we opened the windows and we opened the doors

The bees flew in to grab the yellow and more!


There were butterflies and dragonflies, all purple and blue

I even saw a ladybug fly into my shoe!  

They picked up the yellow and inside a minute,

My house looked like the yellow, had never been in it!


We watched as they flew over each little flower

And dropped all their yellow like a tiny golden shower.


Of course more flowers is what this did mean

I high- fived my friends,

as we surveyed the scene.

They call this stuff pollen in the land of grown-up

But I still call it yellow when I talk to my pups.


A few months later we sat out in the garden

I heard a small buzzing that was begging my pardon

The bees had brought me a jar full of sweet honey

and we all became friends. Now isn’t that funny?




The End


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