I hate flying

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Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



Currently, I am on a plane en route to Helsinki as I am writing this experience. Let me say it again “I hate flying”, it is one of the most stressful situation of my life. The irony is that I am a frequent flyer because of my field of study and long distance relationship.  My phobia of flying is ‘indescribable’. I am aware some people also have this phobia, but I think mine is worse and pathetic. Allow me explain ‘the whys’.

  1. I do not eat/rarely eat or drink because of intense tension shooting through my body. Also, I believe that eating affect the flight negatively (Weird)
  2. I do not sleep on a plane because I don’t like letting my guard down (as if my guards are responsible for safety (LOL) and so that I can control the plane with my mind (wish I have super powers)
  3. I become a ‘born again Christian’. I engage in active mind and mouth involving prayers before I board, in-flight till landing. I soak myself and the plane in the precious blood of Jesus. Also, I read the bible and listen to spiritually uplifting Christian songs to keep me sane (Fun fact: I memorise memory verses)
  4. I am super alert. I switch on my senses to monitor all sounds; ranging from baby cries, lavatory doors to sneeze. I monitor and brain-record turbulences extent, plane speed, take-off ‘shakes’ and landing ‘scratches’.
  5. I remain glued to my seat because I hate the flushing sound. It scares the ‘heart’ out of me. The sound make me feel like something bad is about to happen or the plane balance will be offset. (crazy me)


My anxiety disorder is a terrible thing that causes a lot of stress and harm to my mental health and my well-being. It causes unnecessary adrenaline rush into my system.

Kindly share your flying experiences with me and leave suggestions and how I can eliminate my fears.



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