That Time I Watched The Excorcist- Testimony

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When I was 9, I watched a scary movie and I didn't think it would end up being a testimony that stuck with me for so long.

Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



My experience seeing angels began with a movie that changed my whole life. I always feel like I need to preface my circumstances first, as I’ve had people question the legitimacy of how “scary” this movie was to them personally. When I was 9, I watched my first scary movie at a sleepover. The mom picked “The Exorcist” and “Wayne’s World” from Blockbuster—this should give you a rough time-frame more than anything else! J Now, I knew the Lord was real, I knew evil was real but didn’t understand anything about spirituality after that, as with most 9 year olds. But that was about to change.

Before the movie was a quarter way done, we turned it off; got too scared. But the few scary images I did see were enough. As an anxiety-ridden child, the fear clung onto me and I had my first spiritual warfare that went on for over a year.  After seeing this movie, I couldn’t do anything: eat, take a bath, sleep, but especially sleep. Every night, the fear of being alone and vulnerable toppled over my fear of demons escaping hell and possessing me. I was legitimately scared of losing control of my body and soul at 9 years old. Each night, I’d stay up; hoping Mom and Dad would leave the door cracked so I could see them, desperate for comfort. My heart would be out of my chest, my lungs couldn’t get full breaths. I knew…. The enemy could get my soul, once everyone’s asleep. And my 9 year old imagination gave this idea power for over a year. I shook when I had to turn on the faucet, bracing myself for loud noises, expecting spirits in every crevasse. I was jumpy, paranoid, and lacking a great deal of sleep. Months went by, Mom would pray each night. I wish I had memories of those prayers. What stuck during this time was uncontrollable fear. I believe this was a big event that helped shaped my struggle with anxiety at a young age.  My mama, a wonderful Christian mother of 6 kids, didn’t know what to do. She felt as the praying “wasn’t doing anything”. Haven’t we all been there? But it was her diligence in praying that brought about this testimony and I’m forever thankful for her support during this time. Trust me—she was LIVID when she found out I watched this without permission- never mind the other children who watched it that night.

One night, my mom was exhausted and felt like all her options and resources were too.  She prayed with me a prayer I will never forget- and anyone who knows me knows that says something. She prayed that angels would surround my bed and keep me safe. My idea of angels was probably very similar to the majority of people: little floaty guys that do no wrong. On Cherubs. With a Harp. You know like in Fantasia.


That night, when the scary time hit, when everyone was asleep, something different happened. I looked up and there were actual angels; tall, authoritative, military-like beings. Their presence reminded me of my father’s, a military man himself, and I found them to be comforting despite their huge size, floor to ceiling! The room seems lighter, like someone turned on a light that never used to be there. One angel was at the foot of my bed. Big, wide, and tall, with blonde flowing hair, the kid you see in commercials that you could slide your fingers through without getting caught in the curls and a gentle face that turned my way. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me. The peace that comes from God is amazing, especially in times when you’ve forgotten what even worldly peace looks like.  “You can go to sleep now” the angel spoke! I felt like Mary, speaking to an angel, hearing God’s authority through them.  And I did!!!


I slept that night. Eight hours plus. No nightmares, not even checking the status of mom’s door. And I slept the following night. And most nights since. The reality of God’s angels, being right there, speaking to a little girl, showing their glory and presence, never left me and I didn’t deal too much with nightmares afterwards. Naturally, I stayed away from scary things, then limited down to “my rules” (No rape, no demons) And lived that way under this past year when I met Larry who broke me free of even that. He encouraged me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So I’ve healed even further and allowed myself to learn more about demons, not Hollywood’s portrayal of them and have become even more spiritually braced for God’s Work and I couldn’t be more thankful to him. God gives us what we need in each moment according to who He created us to be and what our circumstances are. So I wouldn’t encourage you to have the same experience or see angels. But pray that God would move in your life in a way you’ll never forget. And trust me—you won’t be disappointed.

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