Re-interpretation of Satan

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Satan re-defined through a feminine perspective, free of the confines of god dominant religion.

Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



Within the god dominant religions, most especially those of the middle east, the feminine perspective was not included as a part of the definition of Satan and this 'being' was defined by man only.

There, as is described inside the various male dogma, Satan is portrayed as an angel fallen, thrown from the heaven realm for 'his' disobedience to 'god'. First, consider that the 'disobey gene' which  had to be instilled within Satan by his creator, made him a flawed creator of all as he seeks complete obedience and sevitude.

This is fact which is ignored by the god dominant faithful, those who adhere to Islam, Judaism and Christianity, as they continue to 'praise' a perfect god, who because of Satan's existence, does not exist.

In the god dominant texts, after being cast out and falling to earth, Satan becomes gods enemy, the Devil, and evil is known, if not understood, through a less than perfect god, one who punishes what he is the creator of.

Now, pushing aside the god dominant concept of Satan brought forth by men, re-consider Satan/Lucifer as an angel given, not fallen, and one who inspires peaceful rebellion through words outspoken. Words of disquiet and unease called 'lies' by those in places of power when they have been challenged within the space of that power.

Consider the war protests of the 1960's in America, where the ones who rebelled said 'I will not obey.' Inspired by Satan? Prehaps.

Now consider faith alone, and that of a divine being, an angel sent from a mystical realm to inspire faith in things beyond material existence.

In all doctrine concerning Satan and the notion of evil, the feminine aspect was not allowed a voice as a part of the defintion. Throughout human history, men have taken all things spiritual to be used for thier own ends. It is time for women to redefine these concepts of the spirit in a personal manner through the Source, in a creative and non-destructive way.

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