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Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



Dawn breaks in shine

in elegant style,

glowing similar

to your ivory smile .

Aroused awakening

kissed by morning,

Irresistible revealing

of the love I am storing.

Are we seeing the same person

modeling beauty in the mirror ?

Your crticisim of perfection

is a never ending appearer.

A breath taking portrait

in my dreams every night ,

love must be an artist

for It painted my dreams to life.

Hearts can be rebels

we can't keep them in control,

souls following to fulfill

is an essence we can't let go.

Nightfall settles in moonlit shine

similar to the stars ,

that twinkle In my eyes.

Overwhelmed admiration

in love with this trance ,

that you cast in the heat

of this kindling romance.

Fascinating course

of forever in my soul,

enchanted by the storage

that restored my life to whole.

I believe In fate and

that it's entirely possible ,

to live in a dream

and never awaken .

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