"Natural disaster?"

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Submitted: June 12, 2018

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Submitted: June 12, 2018



I woke up. And pushed a bunch of fallen daubery off of my bed. As an alarm was sounding in the distance. I looked around as my house was now destroyed. It had collapsed. I stood up off the bed and went to see if my parents or brother was ok? I didn't see anybody. I searched the house for twenty 

Minutes. I looked over on the kitchen table I had gotten a note from my mom 


"Hey jamie. We went to the grocery store you were asleep. Be home soon"


I was relived that thy were ok but the house had collapsed somehow. I walked outside and got goosebumps as every single house in our neighborhood was destroyed. What happened? I hear the alarm for the first time. A man grabs me from behind. I jump. He says calm down. 

I say I can't what happened? He says. "A tornado just hit this area...I don't know what's happening but the weather has been really bad lately. I mean natural disasters have been hitting all over the world it's really bad you need to come with me. I'm with the military. "I can't leave my family is coming back here from the grocery store." I just came

From that area...the tornado has completely destroyed that whole area..I'm sorry kid." I froze. Now realizing my whole family may be dead I was alone. 

We don't have time to talk here come back to the base and we'll figure out what to do with you. Sound

Good? No I thought but I agreed and followed the man to his car. Something was going on and it wasn't good. If natural disasters have been taking over recently then does that mean we're close to the apocalypse? What could happen next?

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