Wanted Girl

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



"Hey, Phoebe, you coming to mine tonight?" a familiar voice asks brightly behind me. I sigh almost silently and turn. Alison is stood there, long, blonde hair over one shoulder, shining under the corridor's fluorescent lights, oblivious to the dull, pale light that surrounds her and everyone else, drifting down the corridor like a crowd of lost, wandering spirits. I blink and it disappears.

"I can't, I have tons of homework." I lie. It's not homework that's running through my head like a stuck record. It's get a map, pick a place, plan your escape, get far away. Why do I need to escape? Because they're here. They're way too close for comfort. I don't even listen to my tapes on my Walkman anymore, and have started running over the roofs at night, spying on them, following them silently around town, heart racing, breath quick, watching as they get closer and closer to my house. It won't be long until they find me, and I cannot let that happen. Even this desperate, scared existence out here is better than being held in a cell and tested upon every day. At least this is a twisted sort of freedom. At least I'm actually a person out here, a person who isn't seen as something to assess, a science experiment. Out here I have a life, an identity, my basic human rights.

"Oh, come on, please? I'm sure you could just get it all done, like, tomorrow or something. Who cares about homework anyway? Please, Phoebs? We could do something with your hair, it's like, a really weird color, somewhere between dark grey, like that metal Sir kept banging on about in Physics today, and brown…oh well. Come on, it'll be fun." Alison pleads, but I just shake my head. Hair dye doesn't work on me, Alison. Don't you think I've tried? And yeah, I know my hair's a mess. I can't help it. I think, but there's no way I can tell her that.

"I can't, Ali, it's all due tomorrow. I'll see if I can come round on Friday." I say, and begin to walk away. Another lie. By Friday, hopefully, I'll be far away from Florida. There's no way I can tell Alison about any of my life, about how messed up it is, how I have to bolt like a rat every time the C.I.A shows up, and how I'm running out of states to run to. She wouldn't believe me for starters, and if she did, she'd undoubtedly blab to someone at a party if she gets drunk. I can't risk that.

"Oh, okay then. Hey, have you seen all those C.I.A vans around lately? I wonder why they're here." She asks, following me, and I nod, shrugging as if I don't know the answer when the answer is staring her in the face quite literally. It's me, Alison. I'm the reason they're here. They want me. They're looking for their lost lab rat. Their radioactive lost lab rat. I think, then sigh. Sometimes I wish I didn't have these problems, that I could just stay in one place without the C.I.A on my heels, live my life like a normal sixteen-year-old.

"I don't know. It's kinda weird. They've probably found something in our area but aren't telling the public until they're sure. It's probably some boring reason." I say, stepping out of the school's main entrance and out of the gates into the parking lot, heading towards my space grey SUV. A big car comes in handy when it's too risky for me to stay in a motel when I'm running. "Anyway, I'll talk to you later. Bye, Alison." I say, unlocking my car and getting in. Alison smiles and turns away to her own car.

"Bye, Phoebe. Talk to you later." She says, heading towards her bright pink convertible. I pull out of the parking lot, heading towards the motel I've booked myself into instead of the house I'm living in. Whatever I say to people in my school, it isn't home. Home? I don't even know the meaning of the word anymore. To me, home is my SUV. The spare backpack I got from my locker doesn't hold my games kit, like I told people this morning. It holds spare clothes, a folded map of the U.S.A, my debit card, a pair of scissors, a pair of trainers, as much money as I could stuff into my biggest purse, a Geiger counter (yes, a literal, battery-powered, real Geiger counter that measures literal, real ionizing radiation, aka alpha, beta and gamma radiation.) and a notebook with a pen. Tomorrow, I won't be at school. Tomorrow, Alison won't be seeing me. Tomorrow, I will probably get a whole mountain of texts, all asking where I am. After tomorrow, there will be barely a trace of me left in this town, except maybe in a fleeting thought and shared memory of the girl who turned up unexpectedly one day and disappeared just as randomly a month later, the girl who had a panic attack in Physics and had weird hair but still made it in the popular clique, and had a Walkman and a small phone, the brand-new model. And then I'll be old news, just another student that came and went in a small town, a girl no-one remembers. I prefer it that way. If I become the girl no-one remembers, then maybe I can come back one day and hide out here for a while. Or maybe not.

I park my car in the parking lot of the motel after dropping my school bag full of useless things at the house, and collect my key. I only paid for one night, but who knows if I'll even be here at midnight? I might have to leave in a hurry, if they cotton on that I'm here, if they decide to raid this motel again. They've been doing that, and I've noticed that they don't check the same motel twice. I should be safe, but this is a risky move. All it takes is for me to doze off for even a second…

I open the door to my room and find it looks decent, not shabby or unclean like some of the motels I've stayed in. I drop onto the bed and pull out the map, unfold it, and place my finger over Florida. I close my eyes, run my finger through the air above the map a few times, and then stab down, hoping I won't land on a place I've already ran from. Going to a state they've tracked me to before is way riskier than staying in a motel they've already checked. The state's police force knows what to look for, and a random girl with dark hair and weird eyes whose worldly possessions are in a large rucksack and half-lives in her car turning up without any parents will definitely be marked as suspicious in their books. I open my eyes and look at the state under my finger; Nevada. I sigh a breath of relief. I've never been to Nevada, and if I lose myself in a place like Vegas…I could actually stay there for months without risk of detection. I mark a small town as my destination with today's date, then re-fold my map and tuck it back into my bag. I sigh, pull the scissors out, and go into the bathroom, then lock the door.

I redo my ponytail so it sits loosely at the back of my head, and cut, holding the ponytail so it doesn't fall and make a mess on the floor. When I take my bobble out of my hair and look in the mirror, I shudder. I look so weird and young…I shudder again and look away. My eyes are a green-yellow color, aka radioactive green, bright and unnatural, and my skin is pale. I drop my cut-off hair into the bin and look back in the mirror to tidy the cut up a bit. It doesn't actually look too bad. It kind of suits me, looks sort of cool, makes me look…different. I smile. I want to look different. It's one of the things that will keep me free.

I go back into the room and take out my notebook and pen. I keep all my plans and research about both myself and the places I'm running to, as well as what I call the Great Escape, in that notebook. I've picked a Safe Place, a whole different continent where I'll be safe as long as my ability isn't discovered, and made a plan on how to get there. Where is this country, this Safe Place where I'll be untouched by the C.I.A? Well, how hard can it be to hide in Russia, the biggest country on Earth?

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