Wanted Girl

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



Six weeks. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and now I'm in Arizona. I'm nearly there. All this time, I've encountered no-one, seen nothing about me on the news, had no-one else recognize me (which shows just how close to Florida I still was in that diner six weeks ago), and I've slept in my car more than any motels. I'm on edge, exhausted, scared and anxious. There's been nothing from the C.I.A, no news articles, nothing on any websites, no sign of them anywhere, and for some reason that makes me nervous. There's always a sign, a helicopter that circles a few days too long, a black van that's too official.

I pull over into an abandoned parking lot for a building long gone, the stars spread out above me, the parking lot dark enough to conceal my car. I crawl into the backseat, dragging the cover across the sunroof open so I can see the sky. A small square of moonlight falls onto my face as I lie there, staring at the stars. Out here, on the edge of a dark highway, the stars are brighter. I'm happy it's summer. Travelling in winter is worse-it's not like I can exactly bring a blanket with me, is it?

I lie there for a few minutes, staring at the stars until I fall asleep.

I wake early, and start driving again. I'm almost in Nevada! The day is boiling hot; the air that moves through the windows is close and warm, even with my A/C on full blast. I feel optimistic. Maybe I'll be able to hide in Nevada for months. I smile as I drive. I feel like Nevada will be a place where I can get a job, earn money, and save enough to move out of America, move into safety and an unafraid freedom.

Just as I cross the Arizona/Nevada border, I hear the whine of a helicopter. More than one, as well. I look in my rearview mirror and see five C.I.A helicopters tailing me, still far, but too close for comfort. My chest goes tight and any optimism I felt dissipates like water in a baking hot desert.

"Damn it! No…" I mutter, laying on the speed. Vegas. I need to head to Vegas. Maybe I can lose them, then drive like hell across the Nevada desert to another place, another state. All my dreams of staying here for a few months and earning enough to get out of this country fly away on the breeze, shatter like glass, falling around me, and my eyes mist over. I'm sick of this. I'm not even an adult! I'm sixteen, for God's sake! I just want a normal life. Is that too much to ask for?

I suddenly see another car speeding way too fast, faster than I even am, towards me. It's not a C.I.A car or anything, just someone driving a Ford way too fast. We race towards each other, and I realize with me at 120mph and them at, like, 150mph, that we're not going to be able to miss each other.

"SHIT!" I scream, panic building up inside me as I turn the wheel. The car spins round…will I make it...the helicopters are coming closer, closer…the other car tries to swerve but we're too close now…there's a thud, a scream, shattering glass, the screech of metal on metal, pain, the world spinning round, then…silence. I'm still awake, but oh, god, the pain. My car's stopped. I can't move. I look down at myself and see blood. A lot of blood. My vision is dim and I feel like I might pass out at any minute. I look out of my smashed windscreen and see the other driver, a tall man, with barely any injuries, looking at me in shock, hanging off the earth into the sky. No, not hanging off the earth-my car is on its roof. He comes closer, and my door is suddenly yanked open, and I'm being dragged out of my car, outside. I scream because obviously it hurts. My feet drag through broken glass. I feel dizzy, light-headed. The other driver talks quietly to me. I hear the sound of the helicopters, coming closer, and whimper.

"Oh god. Oh, kid, I'm so, so sorry. I didn't…I don't even know what I was doing, driving that fast. I've called 911, everything's going to be fine, just stay with me, yeah?" he says, and panic rushes through me. No! This is it for sure. I'm going to be caught!

"No…don't let them get me…" I murmur, not caring anymore. My vision is dark, and my eyelids feel like lead. The pain is so much, so intense, it's unbearable. I hear sirens in the distance, coming closer. The helicopters are silent.

"Don't let who get you? Look, kid, you'll be safe in the hospital, yeah? No-one'll get you in there. Just don't go dying on me." He says, and I sigh softly. No-one will ever understand. I hear footsteps approaching, and I tense. It's them. They've come to get me.

"Dad, is she-oh, god! Phoebe?!" I hear a familiar voice say, shocked and scared.

"Tom?" I say quietly, and he comes closer. I hear his quick breathing. It's him, the boy with the cute smile from the diner. The boy I've never called.

"Phoebe…oh my god, Dad, if she dies…Phoebe, just focus on our voices, okay? Stay awake. Dad, we need to try to stop the bleeding, she's losing too much. This is your fault!" He says, and I suddenly feel pressure, something soft held against me. The pain worsens, and I almost black out. I hear the sirens, close now, and then they stop. More footsteps run towards me.

"Get her into the ambulance. Stop the bleeding, or at least as much as you can." I hear someone say, and then the pressure against my side stops, and I'm lifted up, placed on something, wheeled away, and the pressure starts again, harder. I whimper, and someone brushes hair off my face.

"Sorry kid, if we don't do this you'll probably die before we reach the hospital…" the voice fades to background noise. I hear more voices, words that don't make sense, then I black out.

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