Wanted Girl

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The final chapter!!!!!!

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9

Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



Thank you so, so much for reading this all the way. I hope you've liked it! And if you've REALLY loved Phoebe and Cody, then don't stress! I'm working on the sequel...If you havent already, then please add your comments below and tell me your opinion. I'd really appreciate that. Enjoy! :)

Me and Tom hug for a long time in Cody's doorway, not saying anything, just holding each other tight. He looks a lot older, a lot more tired now. His hair is shorter and there's a scruff of hair around his jaw. He still looks perfect, though.

I finally break the embrace and lead him into the living room, then take a deep breath.

"Tom, I need to tell you something. I'm only in L.A for today and tomorrow…then I'm leaving." I say, and he nods.

"I'm coming. I'll come with you. Where are you going to?" he says, and I sigh.

"It's…it's not in America. I'm going to Moscow. In Russia. I never told you, but…I'm on the run. Have been for a long, long time. Most of my life. There's so much I can't tell you, reasons you got told I was dead. It's going to be really dangerous." I explain, and he nods.

"Okay. I have my passport ready…I'll get a ticket." He says, and I notice the big backpack he has with him, and smile. I'm not alone. "Phoebe…America is driving me crazy. I hate it here. I want out. Leaving with you is a bonus. Who cares if you're on the run, or if it's dangerous? What's a little danger in life?" he adds, and Cody steps in.

"Hey, mate, I'm Cody, an old friend of Phoebe – just friend, nothing more. I take it you're Tom, right? Well, when I was sorting her ticket, I heard her on the phone and booked an extra, just in case she had a…special friend she was too scared to tell me about. It's all sorted, mate. Just be ready to be at the airport for three a.m., 'kay? You can stay here with her." he tells Tom, and he grins.

"Thanks, mate. Seriously. Well, Phoebe, looks like it's all sorted. Anyway, what's happened with you? You look a mess." Tom says, and I hug him again. Yes, things are seriously looking up. Maybe, one day, I'll be strong enough, brave enough to tell him everything, show him the danger I hide, the reason my eyes are green and I'm terrified all the time, a total emotional mess.

Wednesday passes in a blur, by far the fastest and best day of my life. Tom knows almost everything about me except The Thing. I'm finally escaping. The C.I.A aren't bothering me. Not yet, anyway.

I'm shook awake by Cody, and I sit up, grab my bag and walk into the kitchen, where I find Tom and some toast. I smile at him and take a bite of the slice he offers me. I'm nervous, excited, a little scared, and happy. It's two a.m. in the morning and I'm leaving in an hour.

Cody rushes us and drives us through the empty streets to the airport. My passport came yesterday and looks 100% not dodgy, and the tickets came tucked into it.

"Well, Phoebe, running out of my life again. Tom, great meeting you. You know what to do, right? Good. Now, go, go, go! Have a great life, guys!" Cody calls through the open window, and me and Tom smile goodbye.

"Oh, Cody, I almost forgot something!" I say, turning back to the car and fishing the gun and ammo out of my bag. Cody's eyes go wide, and Tom looks surprised. "Here, take this, I won't be able to bring it with me." I hold it through the open window and smile again, leaving him in silence, before entering the airport. We rush through Security and everything else without a problem. No C.I.A officers turn up. No one questions my passport or appearance. They just wish us a good trip.

I look out of the window at the waiting planes, stunned beyond words. I can't believe I'm actually doing it. I'm leaving. For good. No more running, no more C.I.A, no more fear. My childhood and teenage years may have been robbed, I may be traumatized and broken, but I can reclaim my life and put myself back together, maybe get help once I've come up with a solid, believable edit of my life. Our flight is called, and we stand in silence, grinning at each other. We walk onto the plane, hand – in – hand, silent, my heart racing. I'm doing it. This is the Great Escape. I'm finally going to The Safe Place.

We take our seats. The cabin crew run through all the usual stuff. The plane goes forwards.

And, smiling broadly, more happiness than I've ever felt in my life shining out of me, I fly into the sunrise towards hope, happiness and freedom, towards a real life and true dreams.


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