69:The secret beneath the sheets

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Mature:You don't know what's happening to you. You are in another world groaning and holding him tightly only his name is on your lips. You have reached the height of orgasm. Enjoy as I lift you
and take you to a different world as you experience no distractions driving your thoughts wild till u take a hold of your babe or man. One love

Submitted: June 13, 2018

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



A mere man in needs of love walking in search of it but he hasn't seen any gal that can make his night lit with a make over.

A nice chick on hot sauce winks at him in a bar, he is lost she is so stunning immediately his thoughts goes wild as he wishes he could get a lay over but he decides to behave himself and continue to drown himself in his liquor until she sits besides him and holds his crotch telling him she needs a real man as she was still speaking he gets a boner and kisses her until she lures him in her car and he drives to her apartment as she bends to give him a lifetime enjoyment with her lovely tongue, she's one of a kind the best sucker.

An extraordinary power overwhelms him and he carries her to the room as her whispers in her ears and tickles her, he uses his hand to draw maps on her touching the most sensitive of all places as she groans in need of help for more unquenchable desires he licks her nipples and sucks it, doing it magically like no other what a sensational feeling she shouts his name and the rarest milk you can find releases so warm like never before she knows that he is really going to drive her to more than her orgasm.

He goes down as he licks, sucks and desperately drinks from the tank of unlimited joy as she holds his hand and moves in a slowly but steady motion as if dancing to the rhythm of the beat. It's rare sensational feeling.

She decides not to lose and does the 69 position and the vanilla shoots out like a bullet in a double barrel gun. She sucks him irresistibly he can't hold it any longer she's a pro at her work, she whispers in his ear "I want more spank me" and before you she uses her huge tits that are indescribable but drags every man into temptation as she shakes him off and once again it comes out like a fountain of water .

He drives to a dangerous point and loads his weapon and drive it into her and she continues shaking like a leprous patient with no cure until she decides to twerk on the hot weapon as she wiggles off to catch her breath, he wants more this is just the beginning she gets an idea as she twerk on his weapon continuously and he looks as at with so much love, desire, passion and longing for her he is about to give up when he decides to man up and beat her to her game.

He calls for the strength of a god to give him undying strength to wake up the agility in him and quickly his pace increases as she decides to hold him with all her nights and cheats by biting his ears then like a pro she wraps him around with her legs and when she releases him she twerk on his heavy weapon and before you know both fall down and lay beside each other admiring themselves and commending themselves and they start to kiss and fondle in each others arms.

Light fades to darkness as they both drive off to sleep dreaming about the other person and wishing it could last forever.

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