Middle Man Blues

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Submitted: June 13, 2018

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



Middle Man Blues


I mattered once

Part of the chain of commerce

The link to the consumption

And the verification of the gumption

I stood for hours at a time

Heard the drone of register ping and pangs

And watched the seconds tick to freedom

I annoyed, managed, confronted, booked, and loved the masses

Like a lynch pin and ball joint simultaneously

And was the purveyor of smoke on the back stoop

Should’ve saw it comin’ though

Started with the gas stations

Then my register turned to a computer

“No longer need to count change!” the Boss said

Then came one self-checkout, then two, no new hires, and the computer technical slew

My job became easier but less pleasinger’

 Why I didn’t seek higher ground?


My days are numbered

Replaced by self-checkout, expedia, and multimedia

By impatience and independence

I watch the lines in the self-serve increase

And mine wither down to old ladies and lazier men

Soon, though, they will join the others as well

And I will join them and be alone.



© Copyright 2019 William Joseph Williams. All rights reserved.

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