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Submitted: June 13, 2018

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



latinas (adore)

light skin with black hair covering

tattoo in the shape of the homeland

the way you move when “golden haze” plays

how your makeup runs when you're sad

at the beach you sat next to me

we decided drowning together was romantic

you were wearing my shirt

you said “what are we waiting for?”

I held your hand when we entered the water

beautiful, but so bad for each other

and when you got teary eyed I pulled you close

we'll still be holding hands when they find our bodies off the coast

ask the ouija board again about death

move your fingers slowly

you close your eyes and I'll just focus on your mouth

conjuring answers from somewhere else

“I promise you nothing but dark skies and misery

for as long as you stay here with me”

you smiled and said that's what you wanted

made me feel like nothing's wrong inside my head

guitars and synths keep making noise

pretty eyes, let me take off your clothes

I adore you

don't tell me to replace it

I won't forgive you if you do

I've had enough of you telling truths

you are a new set of ribs

you hold me in

shake the cage when I'm away

message me when I've been gone too long

once you remember I'll come home

we don't even have to love each other

just remind me you're there for no reason

I wanna know you're still around and breathing


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