tells of the lonely

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Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Tells Of The Lonely 


For the times that I stood there and said nothing 

I wanted to say something 

I wanted to know why you won't say anything 

Were you really in disbelief? or were you just standing there and just saying nothing in the downfall 

Will you tell me that it was okay when I said it 

Never wanted to lie to you 

I was so alone 

I was in the dark 

Taken for granted when there was nothing there for so long 

Never thinking always acting on anger

The anger that was directed to you was out of the pain that you put me through

Was it me?

Were you afraid of me never telling you what happened to me 

I wanted to know why

Does the blood on my arm make you disappointed?

Was there truth behind the words that you spoke?

Were you shattered because of the pain that I went through?

Did feel like I was never gonna speak to you?

Cause now I am left standing in a darkened room with the room filling to brim with water 

And I am breathless 

The phone is vibrating even if the room is filled with water 

I can see a light that was coming from my phone looking at it while I scream at the top of my lungs

But all everyone seems to hear is the bubbles 

As the water fills my lungs with the screams I scream 

Your standing there 

Looking at me with your tears filling up in your eyes 

I never knew that you were gonna be there 

As I wave to you 

I say goodbye to the lonely 




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