A Moment in Time

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This message has been placed in a location that I know you will find. Please read it to completion... There is more than you can understand riding on your reading of this message. All that can be
said here is that time travel is real!

Submitted: June 13, 2018

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



This letter has been strategically placed in a location that I know you will find it. Do not be afraid, and do not make any assumptions regarding the contents of this letter. It is imperative that you read it to completion, as there is information designed for you, and only you to see. You may be wondering how I know you will come across this letter... You see, I have mastered time. I cannot manipulate time, nor can I avoid the linear timeline that is created as time progresses. I am still a human, bound by the limits of my mortality, and by my time on earth. Yet the restrictions of the present no longer apply, well… to me at least. This fluffy and colorful language is a complex way of basically saying I am a time traveller, destined to provide you with information. This letter does not serve as a warning, nor is it the beginning of a science fiction movie. You are not a sleeper agent planted in time waiting to be called into action. Your descendants are not criminals and I am not a robot sent to come and kill you to prevent a future catastrophe. I am merely placing this letter in a location that I know you will find, and its sole purpose is to provide you with information. As vague and unclear as that may be, when you finish reading, I know you will understand what I mean when I say ‘information’.

Now, while you are probably in a state of shock, disbelief and mostly doubt, I fully understand you skepticism. I am stating that I am from the future, and this letter was placed in your time, specifically for you to read… without a doubt you should be doubting the legitimacy of this claim. You bought a short story looking to relax, unwind and lose yourself in a vivid universe. But instead, you have this letter presented to you. To you, this may seem like a creation of the author of a book, looking for a good hook. Literary devices used by some authors to entice readers are not at play here. I can ensure you that this is far from the truth. This letter was specifically planted in a location that you, and only you, were destined to find.

You see… the technology for time travel has been around for years now. Well… years for me at least. I believe the ability to time travel has just been discovered and is being experimented on by top secret military personnel in your time. You live in a time where the technology is available, just not publically. The ability to explore the past, see empire rise, the Great Wars, and the mysteries of your future has been a dream, not attainable by your humanity. To explore time, a concept, which to you is currently only available through science fiction, is possible.

Before I explore into time travel, and the limits of the universe, the moment you are reading this must be examined first. You exist in the present. You are reading this in the present. The present is just a sliver of time, a fraction of a second, where you are conscious, and you exist. The present exists until it is replaced by itself. As every second passes, the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present. This concept can be visualized by you using the idea of a book. The page you are currently on is the present, and as you read forward and turn the page, the page is covered, becoming the past, and the new present is the page that you just turned. The pages you have read can be revisited, as they still exist, yet they have been viewed already, and thus, they can no longer be called the present. The pages that are unread, are the future, still a mystery. I feel that this simple analogy is a clear enough concept for you to understand, especially considering you have not experienced time travel in your time.. You see, this concept of the present is one that we, as humans, have absolutely no control over. As time progresses, we are forced into complacency by exhibiting no control over the future of present moments. The current present is gone forever and lost to history. The idea of time travel emerges from humanity's desire to control what moment of the present we want to exist in. This idea of the present is a very important and significant concept. If you are to fully grasp the reason why I have reached out to you, you must keep this idea in your mind.


All of this culminates into my ability to view any moment of the present, and essentially insert my letter to you into any sliver of the present I know you will exist within. The doubt you have, that this letter was destined to find you, is probably still there, and should be there. I can fully understand how a letter claiming things thought to be physically impossible can come across as fiction. But I can assure you, it was not chance that you found this. There was no luck or randomness involved in this letter finding you. No chances have been taken in assuring you read this, and because of that, I boldly ask that you put your skepticism aside and have blind faith for the next few moments of your life. Please…. Please… take everything written in this letter seriously. While you may not believe it, do not reject this letter as fake.


. . .

As stated earlier, the military has a basic and preliminary understanding of time travel. By preliminary understanding of time travel, I mean that they can… The thing is, while they can travel to the past, they do it wrong. Not wrong in the sense that they can not accomplish it, but wrong in the sense where they are missing the final and crucial step to make time travel consistent and easy.; something attained later by humanity. That’s why the idea of time travel is only being tested by secret military governmental organizations. They have the ability to send things to the past, or the future, but is not as simple as picking a date and pressing a button. This isn't ‘Back to the Future’ where you just enter a date and magically, you’re in another point in time. The oversimplification that those movies present serve one purpose, entertainment value. All those movies fantasizing about time travel haven't even the slightest concept of the math and science involved. The CIA -- FBI -- KGB -- whatever top secret institution is still around in your time has the math and science understood. They are smart people, who are missing arguable the most simple and logical aspect of the whole process. Remember when I said put your skepticism aside? Well… it's time to blindly accept what I am going to say. You are about to be the only person in your time, literally, who knows the full secret to time travel.  

I will not bore you with the math or science that is involved in time travel. To start, I don't think you care enough to build your own machine, therefore you do not need the specific details, and second, I do not even think you can comprehend some of the abstract scientific concepts. Basic understandings of physics and chemistry are not enough to even begin to scratch the surface of the time travel proces. If I were to explain the process, I would probably need to visit you in person to properly articulate the theory. I find it hard enough to keep my thoughts concise and clear without complex math theories, so I would need to visit you in person to make myself clear. So for that reason, I will spare you the details. But this you can understand; time travel takes you from one ‘present’ and moves your conscious reality to another. Simple enough. A time traveller is moved from one present to another, and it is thought that they move through time and space. Now, here is the misconception that your time has about time travel… you only move in time, not space.

Okay, so the basic understanding of time travel, especially during your time, is that time is manipulated. This means that a person or object can travel from one present reality to another. This, as an idea is an easy concept. Now the concept of space comes into play. Space is the physical area that the person or object takes up. Space can also refer to the lack of area something takes up. For example, you, as a person, take up space. However, the area around the planet Earth, this is also called space. There is a clear distinction between these two concepts of space.

So, back to my point about the misconceptions about time travel. Space does not change during the moments time travel occurs. Stay with me now. The space that time travel is occuring in, in the present, may not be the same as that in the future or past that is being visited. There are a tremendous amount of variables and variability that must be considered. I think I can best explain this concept using an example. Let us create a scenario where an individual named Joe is going to time travel. Joe lives in the year 2000; it is currently June 30th, 2000. He intends to travel into the past, specifically to the exact same date, however, in 1995. Now, using time travel technology, Joe can travel to this date. However, there is no guarantee that the physical space around Joe on this date in the past will be in the same location. It is important to realize that the Earth is in constant rotation around the sun, and the orbital pattern around the sun in varied in its trajectory. The Earth does not form a perfect circle around the sun, thus the Earth probably does not occupy the same spot in space twice. Now Joe, while time travelling, will move to the new date, but occupy the exact same spot in space as when he time travelled. Physically, he will not have moved moved from the location he was in when in the year 2000. Now, the space around him will have changed. The Earth is in constant motion and rotation, therefore, it is completely possible that the time traveller will travel to a date, and instantly die due to the lack of oxygen from the emptiness of space.

I am not entirely sure that this is a concept that I can fully explain. Here is a very basic example, using reference points. Let us pretend that the month is May, and one will time travel to a day in September. Using the technology available to your time, the time traveller will move to the date in September, but still occupy the same space as if they were in May. The Earth's rotation will move its location relative to the two months, and thus, the time traveller will move to a space where there is no space around them. Hopefully that is easier to comprehend. This idea, combined with the variability of the Earth's rotation means that for you, time travel is simply sending people to their deaths.

You are probably wondering, what if you could calculate the location of the Earth in the past. This is possible, but very difficult to do, especially during your time. This becomes even more complex when trying to travel to the future, where the Earth's path must be predicted with pinpoint accuracy. The technology to move in time and space is available in your time, but this is a problem and solution that the people doing this research have not come across or even considered yet.

I did mention that time travel was possible in your time through top secret military personnel and research labs. They have successfully move objects, and if I recall, people through time. Obviously, as I just illustrated, most have been to their deaths. But, occasionally, they get lucky, and, as the saying goes, find a needle in a haystack. They were able to get a person to a physical space in the past and keep the dream of time travel alive. Have you ever heard of Leonardo da Vinci? Of course you have… He is one of those people that the military got lucky with. He was born in your time, and was a very brilliant scientist employed by the military. He was successfully able to travel from your time to the past, but had no way of getting back. He has no clue of the whole ‘travel through space concept’ that I just presented to you, so his successful traverse through time was a complete fluke. You can simply google da Vinci’s name and find a date a birth, obviously it will be a historic date… so allow me to try and prove my point that he is a time traveller.

Leonardo da Vinci lived in a time where the extent of technology was that of simple mechanics. Yet he was able to think outside the constraints of his time and envision futuristic machines. Really, his brilliance was due to his knowledge of our technology. Leonardo da Vinci drew and designed machines resembling helicopters and machines resembling submarines. While slightly different, he was workin with the limited technology that was available to him. When tested centuries after his death, his machines were found to work and be effective. The type of design and planning that da Vinci was able to achieve can only be possible through a modern understanding of physics and math. I have only touched on his inventions, he was also a great artist. Have you ever noticed that his works are some of the most famous, well renowned and identifiable in history? This was not due to his talent in particular. While he was skilled, his talent is not what makes the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper the great pieces that they are today. These are famous, because they are coded messages, the painting are messages through time stating that he has travelled through time. We value these pieces so much because it is tangible and physical proof that as a society, a race, and a species, we have achieved time travel. That piece of art is appreciated by many for its artistic skill and value, in truth, for those who are privy to the information, it is just a picture representing their success.

Leonardo da Vinci is the only successful story of time travel, from your time at least. In the time that I currently reside, time travel is accomplished almost daily. There are countless success stories, however, this was the first. There have been hundreds of attempts, all unsuccessful and have resulted in almost immediate death. There is countless classified information, which I cannot share with you but this da Vinci story is a rare, and lucky success. Da Vinci acts as a forward thinker because he was, the success stories from the future are much less public, as we are much more restricting in what information can be said once in the past. Da Vinci, being the first, was stuck and thus was free to do as he wished. This is an example that I hope resonates with you at a more personal level. As the information can be verified by you. Hopefully, this provides some legitimacy and validity to this letter. Hopefully, you will not be as skeptical regarding the concepts already presented. This letter is all true, and I feel that I am starting to prove that to you. It is imperative that you believe me and continue to have an open mind while you continue to read onward.


Well… now, I suppose that I should get to the point about why you are receiving this letter. I have gone on long enough proving the validity and truth of this letter and hopefully, by this point, you have started to accept that there is truth in what you have read. Okay, the understanding that you have of time travel, based on what I have described to you, is a quite conceptual one. The understanding is very true, but there is a very significant detail that I have not presented to you… well, at least not yet. This detail is not one of math or science, as I said we will not worry about that, but rather, this detail is one that threatens time travel. Simply, the more that time travel is accomplished, the more restrictive it becomes. We are not sure why this happens, but we have found that the more time travel occurs, the more difficult it becomes every concurrent time afterward. This is the simplest of many complication I will be describing to you in the following section of the letter. At first, the resistance was marginal, but now, the resistance is a major factor in rationing the ability to travel through time.

Hopefully an examples will help to clear up what is meant by resistance. I will try to conceptualize what I mean to the best of my ability, however, the understanding we have in my time may be incorrect. Visualize this: a hollow cylindrical tube, such as a copper pipe used in plumbing and the transportation of water through a household. This tube will act as a metaphor for the time continuum. The flow through the tube is an unobstructed one, thus time progresses at a very even and consistent rate. Every time someone travels through time, a toothpick is added to this cylinder. At first, this one toothpick will go unseen. Over time, the pileup of toothpicks is noticed and will be recognized. But still not enough to stop any flow through. It becomes and issue that has to be addressed, but not significant enough to cause any panic or immediate action. Then, a point comes where the toothpick cannot be placed in the tube. The toothpicks over time have sealed and closed the pipe to such a point where the flow cannot continue. Essentially a clog has formed. Now, take this metaphor and use it in the concept of time. The pipe is the linear fashion of time, and the toothpick is what get inserted into time every single time someone time travels.

What is happening now, well not for me, if that we have almost reached the point where the pipe is clogged. We are not longer able to time travel. The cause of this has not been determined and the fact that this has occurred has caused much confusion. The concept of time has been been under scrutiny in an attempt to understand why our view of time does not line up with what is happening. As of so far, we have no concept of time which factors in this clog of time travel. While we are stuck, this does not even begin to describe some of the issues that this clog has had. We theorize that time travel has caused the clog, but have no solid scientific evidence to support this notion. However, we are able to prove that the clog in time has started to overflow and affect areas of general time. The following is something that even I do not understand, but I will try to put it into words so that you can see the future crisis that we are facing.

Let me being to try and describe the issue by stating that time, at least in my time, in starting to change. The way that time has been arranged for you is a 24 hour day, with each minute being 60 seconds and each hour being 60 minutes. That remains unchanged. However, the clog that has been created because of our time travelling has started to change how time works. Time, is now... slower. We theorize that this is due to the ‘clog’ that has been created. Time still moves, for now, but it is so slow that what used to be a day, is now a weeks equivalent of your time. Originally, we thought that time travel was just creating a clog, but now to add on to that theory, time travel has clogged the relativity of time. Our concept of time has been the same for centuries, but now, it is possible that we need to come up with a new theory.


 Okay… now you have noticed a major inconsistency in my letter so far. It is now time for me to come clean about some of the lies that I have told to you through this letter. The first being a lie that I said in the first line of this letter. I said that this letter has been “strategically placed in a location that you would find it”. That is not entirely truthful. I have made it seem like this letter has been placed in a location where only you were destined to find. I have not referred to you directly, because I do not know who ‘you’ are. As I just said, the time travel path has been blocked, and we can no longer time travel. All that we could achieve as a lack chance effort was to place this letter in a location in time. We do not know who is going to read it, if anybody. We do not know if it will even make it, but assuming that it does, the fact that you, whoever you are, stumbled across it means that you potentially can help us… assuming you are willing to help that is.

I am deeply sorry for misleading you and saying that you are the specific person we need to read this letter. In truth, we need someone to read this. This was the final attempt that humanity has attempted in order to solve our problem. Because we do not know what is happening in the present, we are looking to the past to solve our issues. See, the fact that you have received this letter means that the ‘pipe’ has been fully clogged. Time has come to a complete stop. I, the author of this letter, will be frozen in time at the point that you are reading this letter. Well, at least that is what we think will happen. Technically, it is physically impossible for time to stop, but the theory of relativity has started to prove false because of our time travel actions. The best guess that we have, when sending this document through time, is that we will fully clog the time continuum and halt time as we know it. We are also taking a gamble that there are no ripple effects where the past can be altered by the future. This seems impossible, but here I am writing a letter to the past asking for help, so who am I to rule out anything.

Once again, I will point out another lie that I told you. I said that this letter “was not a call for help”. That statement is only partly true. I am not calling for help, but rather casting out last hope into the abyss of time hoping that the one who stumbles across this, in whatever time, can come up with a solution. It is not a call for help, but more like an ‘SOS’ cast out in hopes that someone who can help receives the message. This is a call for help or anything that can solve this issue. Whether that be a solution through prevention, or a solution to unclog the mess that has been created.

The thing is, I am not even sure if asking for help, or even writing this letter will have any major impact in finding a solution. I wonder if the future is set, and the actions of the present and past have no impact whatsoever on the outcome. If that were to be true, this letter would serve to be utterly meaningless. Yet, if the present impacts the future, and the future can be changed, this last call for help can serve as a call for help that will, quite literally, change the future. Is the future already created in account of actions that will shape it? There are so many questions, and yet, I have no answers. I have come across as a bold, strong and knowledgeable individual, but in truth, while writing this letter, I am stricken with fear. I do not have all the answers, nor do I have any ability to prevent the inevitable. As already stated, once you are reading this, I will be frozen in time, a fate possibly worse than death. Death provides closure and a finite end, whereas the restriction of the flow of time will potentially have no end. While bleak, know that I believe in you, that you can make a change in some way to save humanity. While this does serve as a last attempt to pull on your heart strings and hopefully convince you to act on the contents of this letter. This is something that obviously will not affect your life, but know that you can make a change, you can add your name to history books, and impact history.

I hope that I have convinced you of the validity of this letter where you will not doubt where it originates from. Use this knowledge that you have found and try to find a solution. Discuss with other thinkers, find a group who will support the cause. Odds are, you will be labelled a liar and a fraud, but know that is not the truth. Time has stopped in the future because of the actions of humanities future descendants. Look for any following you can to try and bring light to this future issue. While the actual reason why this is happening cannot be explained to you, it surely can be avoided. Best of luck.


© Copyright 2018 Matt Del Bove. All rights reserved.

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