Twice An Identity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Have you ever had your conscience speak to you? Can you hear it telling you right from wrong? Lawrence knows something is wrong after experiencing a traumatic car incident, but will he realise what
it is? Will he wake up in time?

Suspense, tension then impact.

I watched from a distance shadowed and hidden from the sight of others. It looked terrible, the cliff, the car. My walk turned into a quick pace as the images flashed through my mind. I reached the upturned sand-covered car, out of breath. The black wheel continued to spin slowly, ‘eeeekkkkkkkk’ as if to taunt me. I placed a shaky hand on the warm black rubber and the wheel stopped. Moreover, I was tired and my heart’s aura was in despair,  I cry out, “what happened, for me to be here and witness this mangled mess.”

As I sat in seldom silence I closed my eyes and didn’t reopen them until a gentle wind licked the skin on my neck.


Anxiety gripped me as I woke, disorientated and dehydrated I take stock of my surroundings and then myself. “I need to get away from here and back upto the road, to where it is safe”, I say to myself. As I tread the last of the scree, a deep rumble makes me stop in my tracks. With my heart pounding against my chest I slowly turn around. A Ford Anglia that was black as night, crawls to a stop beside me. Inside, I note a man with wispy silvery hair and pitted skin. He wears the most thickest pair of eyeglasses that I had ever seen and magnifies his emerald green eyes in that they beckon me forward.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I stared at him, not daring to speak. He waited.  

“Were you in that car?” he adds. I was not ignoring him, I just knew that if I spoke, my emotions would make me fall into a heap of sobs. Alongside this, adrenalin pumped through my veins warning me not to trust this man, my inner voice screaming, “do not get into that car!”

The stranger opened the car door and without a word I slipped into the car and shut the door behind me.


We drove for what seemed like an eternity, the car smelt of old people and preserved pickles. From out of the corner of my eye I could see the driver shooting suspicious glances in my direction. We sat awkwardly for a few minutes listening to the crackling conversations of radio live that echoed through the empty spaces of the car.

“So, what’s your name?” asked the odd man.

“My name?” I reiterated pausing for a minute thinking, “it’s.. Liam”.

“I’m Sam.” he said.

“People call me Sam.”

“I wonder if he’s joking.. Old-people jokes…

“It’s going to rain,” said Sam. Up ahead charcoal clouds stretched across the sky and waited.

“Yeah, it’s going to be raining cats and dogs soon,” Sam added.

“I am on my way to Seralee, I am in bit of a rush you see, I’ve got a stack of work a mile high and the deadline is in a few hours”, explained Sam.

“What is it, that you do”? I asked.

“I am an accountant,” stated Sam,  “it’s quite a stressful job, you know..” The rest of his words were drowned out,  for my focus was now on the road.


“Just around this bend,” I suddenly heard Sam say. He pointed to a corner up ahead and as I looked up, the landscape seemed familiar. Somehow I had seen this scene before.

“STOP!” I shouted as I took hold of the steering wheel, sharply turning the wheel to the right and hoping that these actions would save Sam and I. Consequently, Sam started to hum and it was a tune of a song that gradually filled the car.

“I know that tune,” I say out loud and as I look towards Sam, he is no longer there...

Staring back at me, from the driver’s seat, is my own refiection and then I see it, time flashes,  like fork lightning on a stormy night. Flash backs appear before me, of the last twenty four hours of my life.  Like a movie screen I see myself driving and as I am driving, I am happy and I am singing, “busy as a bee, that is me.” With metal to the pedal I needed to be in Seralee at 7pm. As I watch I note, the reckless me, I see myself darting in and out of traffic and out onto the open road. With music pounding my ear drums I am carefree. Misjudging a bend, I accelerate.


Overwhelming darkness fell over me like a cotton sheet.
“Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam..” I reiterated. Out of the darkness a familiar voice called out.

“I’m Sam, people call me Sam.” I looked around trying to escape the darkness.

“But...What happened?” I hiss.

“I’m Sam, people call me Sam.” Sam responded.

“But Sam… Who are you?”

“ I think you know who I am, Lawrence Macmillian..”

“How do you know my name?,  How should I know who you are?, I don’t get any of this!”

“Well, Lawrence Macmillian, I am Sam. Lawrence Macmillian’s conscience.”

“What?..” I replied in disbelief.

“I have been here from the very beginning. It’s your decision on when you can finally see me.”


In the distance I hear sirens and people yelling in all directions around me.

“He’s alive”, I hear the paramedic say.

“Yay, I’m alive!” I beam, as I do the happy dance in my head.

“Can you hear me sir?, squeeze my hand if you can hear me Lawrence,” said the paramedic.

Inside I am battling with frustration and dismay as my body won’t obey my commands. My head is swirling around amidst a foggy cloud but my mind is crystal clear…“I heard him say my name, the voice said Lawrence”,  I said to myself. I squeeze with all my might.

“Good, Lawrence, you can hear me,” says the voice.

“Can you open your eyes Lawrence, open your eyes,” as the voice grows closer because I can feel the man’s breath on the side of my cheek.


As I slowly open my eyes, the light dances brightly from left to right and I see the blur of people around me. As my eyes adjust, a sea of emerald green comes into focus.

“Hi there, you are going to be okay, you can see me now Lawrence,” said the man,

“My name is Sam.”


Submitted: June 14, 2018

© Copyright 2022 L. Knife. All rights reserved.

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Luna Abbot

That was a trip!
Um, is the switch fonts and stuff on purpose?

Fri, October 12th, 2018 2:20am


No, no. I seem to have forgotten to change it all to one font and colour... and size... But then again this was my first story on Booksie and I wasn't exactly sure on anything then...
Thanks for the heads up, I'll get to changing that and thanks especially for reading it! :D

Sun, October 14th, 2018 7:41pm

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