HARAM (Episode 1)

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



#Series Storie By J. Praise.

TITLE: Haram

(Episode 1)


The atmosphere seem tensed with the severe faces staring towards Zainab. She had her face buried in her palms and sobbed quietly. Everything seemed wrong with her and her parents, especially her Dad who was looking as if he was waiting for the lose to pounce on her chill. He looked terribly cold, and his eyes shone with sheer rage. He appeared really pissed.

"You have no choice. You'll have to marry one of your two suitors soon. And that is final!" Her dad said almost yelling his lungs.

"But, papa...." She dared to make an objection but her voice failed her.

"You will do as I say and won't dare to do contrary" Her Dad said as he left the room with so much authority.

Zainab collapsed in tears and sobbed aloud. She cursed under her breathe and just couldn't find the right words to console herself. Her mom who was still in the room, moved to comfort her. She held her to her bosom and cupped her tearing face.

"It's okay Zainab. It's okay" She said softly.

Her mom might have supported her dad too, but somehow she was closer to Zainab, and she was more considerate.

"But Mama, I don't want to marry Yusuf nor Haruna" She said as tears poured from her eyes.

"You don't have any choice left" Her mom said strictly.

It was as if her mom's words added more pain to her blooded soul. She wept even more.

"But, I don't love them!" she said almost yelling.

Her mom held unto her in comfort and stroke her hair. She let her sob unto her and parted her shoulders in console.

"That does not matter" she stroke her hair again, then she continued. "My Zainab, it is time for you to understand that you're a girl, and sometimes what you feel don't count"

"You only ought to do what is needed of you to keep the family and Islam going. That is the will of Allah" Her mom said.

She felt the heat tense up inside of her. Her mom's words stirred dispute in her. She wanted to yell back, but cried even more.

"Why can't I marry peter?" She said coldly. It was as if a chill ran down her spine. She raised her eyes to meet her mom's.


"You certainly can't! Your dad would kill you if he hears such. You're only allowed to marry a Muslim, okay?" Her mom said as she disengaged their conversation and stormed out of the room too.

Hmmm... She sighed.

All her life, her mom had always told her the Extremes of being a girl, and her limits in expressing herself. Religion seemed almost like slavery to her.

First, I don't have a say because am a girl, and then I can't marry "just" anybody because I'm Muslim. It doesn't seem right somehow. And it's unfair!

She said to herself.


Peter looked much more pale than the cold evening breeze. His eyes were moist, and his fingertips trembled with mixed-emotions. He just stared on into space.

"Why would your parents force you so quickly into marrying someone you don't love?" He asked with so much uncertainty in his voice. His eyes blinked away tears.

"It only seem right to papa. And to mama; I'm a girl and my feelings don't count" She said as tears trialed her face to her lips.

Peter held her and drew her closer to himself. He was deeply pained too. His parents has also disputed his intentions of getting married to Zainab, but not as much as her parents disputed him. He was not allowed anywhere close to her. Unless he was not Christian.

"It's okay Zainny, please don't cry so much. It hurts my feelings more" he said as he held unto her, bracing her shoulder and caressing her hair.

For sometime she stayed there leaning against him for comfort. But then, she drew away slowly.

"We can't be seen together like this. It doesn't seem right" She said looking away from him.

Peter stared with disbelief, and just couldn't say anything.

"Papa already fixed the date for the meher, and every other wedding rites"

"We can't be seen together anymore" She said with tears still flooding her face.

Peter couldn't find his voice still. He was going to lose her and his heart ached even more.

"I'm losing you after all" He finally said. This time the tears in his eyes couldn't be stopped. It betrayed his lids and journeyed his face. Hot painful tears.

"I'm sorry" She sounded bitter too.

They both stared into each other's eyes for long before she started to leave. She had never felt a pain so intense before. It was like leaving a happy world behind, only to put on mourning dress. She felt obliged to sadness.

"Can we meet tomorrow, please" he said as she was starting to leave his sight.

"At my house" he added.

Zainab stood for a while considering. She would be glad to see him again, at least before she is finally owned by Yusuf. But, it would be against her parent's wish, and even her religion stands against such visit. But, she's not ready to deny him her company. Not for the last time.

She nodded.

A smile crossed his face. But it was a faint one.

She smiled back.

Concealing both of their intentions until the next day.

*Continues Episode 2*

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