Lost In The Mirror

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Time had stopped the clocks had stopped ticking people were frantic there was significant panic, it was everywhere the volcanoes had started erupting like crazy, nonstop through the barrier It
seems like to have been a day forever I am tired I get out of bed, I feel weird the usual tick-tocking of the clock has stopped, maybe time itself has stopped. I wander around the house then
something catches my eye I walk to a mirror I walk up to and stand in front of the tall, narrow mirror with gold edges with engravings of vines and roses made of silver carefully placed on it and
at the top middle there is a blue stone is shone, almost sparkled, Then I carefully examine the mirror and run my hand down the side of it feeling every detail that I see then look straight into it
and see myself, this mirror seems peculiar, I lean towards the mirror curious what may happen if I touch it, I tap the mirror. It shatters slowly the glass goes up and is twirling. I look up in
amazement, I feel a tug and then a pull as if I was being pulled by a rope, I struggle and resist until everything seems to dematerialize.

,I fall into the mirror leaving this world, through a white barrier as the world behind me turns to ashes as I land on a smooth and slick polished black marble floor in a large room the windows had
black curtains trimmed with silver and gold that sparkled in the sunlight and there was a large painting of a little girl she had beautiful jet black curls and freckles, the child’s skin was white
as paper, her smile was kind and gentle, the girl’s eyes were a deep emerald green, and looked as if they could see into your soul., beneath the painting was a table, with a golden sculpture of a
critter of some sort on it, and a piece of paper, maybe a note, I stride over and look at the paper. It is a poem, I begin to read: the day of the end, my dear friend, is when the world stops
spinning, the evil things will walk the earth again, it is the end.

I put down the paper and looked at the painting the girl was gone I turned around to my surprise she was standing behind me i yelled oh my goodness she says “ don’t fear me, I’m here to help”, she
paces to the window, and gazes out it “you know what happened on earth as well as I do.” “yes,” I replied she walks back towards me and notions to the left” follow me”.

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A New friend

Submitted: June 14, 2018

 I follow the girl, “I never got your name” said the girl “Kuala” I say, expecting a laugh, she said ” pretty name, I am p... Read Chapter