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As you earned in Chapter 1, the work of Gregor Mendel provided many early solutions to the riddle of genetics. By the time Mendel's work was rediscovered, however, scientists had more clues to work
with and better tools to help them in their research. Chromosomes rod-shaped structures that are found in the nucleus of every cell in an organism. From his work, Sutton concluded that chromosomes
carried Mendel's heredity factors, or genes, from one generation to the next.

B. Ch.2 Mutations Pages 39-42 Genetic Mistakes- DeVries called the sudden changes he observed in the Characteristics of primroses mutations. Mutations genetic mistakes that can affect the way in
which traits are inherited. A mutation is a change in a gene or chromosome.

Harmful Mutations- For Example, one mutation in a gene causes a serious human blood discus called cell animals. But if a mutation takes place. If left in the body of the little gas to all the
untreated, sickle cell anemia may cause death.

Helpful Mutations- Some mutations are helpful and improve a oranges chances of survival. Other mutations are considered “helpful” because they cause desirable traits in organisms that are useful to

Mutagens- Mutagens can also be used to speed up the rate of mutations. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages the genes in skin cells and may cause skin cancer. Factors that cause mutation such
as radiation an certain chemicals are mutagens. Because bacteria reproduce so rapidly, the use of mutations increased the changes of producing helpful produced in this way.

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