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A. There are three factors of climate change one of them is drifting of continents, the change in sun rays and also positioning if the Earth. There are other factors that can change climate is
human activity.

B. From time to time most of Earth’s history the Earth has been covered in ice or snow. Scientists have found evidence of the ice ages between the past 2 million years. During an ice age, the temp
barely rises over 10°c to 15°c also the glaciers there lasted up to 10,000 years.

C. The drifting of the continents caused some climate change. As the continents drifted to where they are today the sea level has dropped also because of the low moving off the land it made global
warming more gradual for more than 1 million years.

D. Scientists believe that the slow movement of land caused the extinction of dinosaurs. If that is true the animals couldn’t adapt fast enough and plants became extinct by climate change. But a
scientist Luis Alvarez had evidence that a meteor had hit the ground and killed all the dinosaurs. She said the explosion of the meteor raised clouds of dust which caused planet-wide forest fires.

E. scientists try to relate changes in the Earth’s climate to the output of the sun. If the sun’s output changes over time that means the changes could affect the Earth. If the sun puts out high
energy than the Earth will heat up if the energy is low the Earth will cool down.

F. Humans have been alternating the Earth’s climate ever since the discovery of fire. In the mid-nineteenth century, industrialization was burning fossil fuels. The fossil fuels were coal, oil, and
natural gas.

G. Short-term climate change may cause the different ocean currents. Ocean currents help transfer heat to the atmosphere. Any major change in ocean current can cause climate change.

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