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This is a little story about a fictionalized future that came into my mind real quick.

Submitted: June 14, 2018

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Submitted: June 14, 2018



The year is 2213 and the Earth is dying from the light. The waters are growing upon the lands. The population increased and the third world war broke out. Forty percent of the population has died under the flags of nations that quickly changed. The United States is no more as it divided into many regions with many opportunities that are divided. The Earth has become different and war is the commonwealth of everyone’s life around them. There is a bombing in New York City by the liberation front. Three people wore suicide vests when they walked into the ground floor of The Empire State building and pressed the trigger button that snuffed their lives out. Before they committed the act, they yelled out, “Saviors of the Cause” Before the blasts killed thirty eight people and three children that are with their parents at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is the fifth bombing in former America that has happened in the last three hours. There will be more in the remainder of the day.

Famine has gripped the world as well, sustaining an ecological footprint that is smaller than the consumption of the common man or woman that can live on its share of staying alive. Riots broke out in the Southern California District and twelve hundred people have died. Many of the victims were pelted by rocks, four by four pieces of wood, and homemade gas canisters filled with homemade chemicals that can eat the lungs away in less than a minute. They were fighting about the unfair practices as the police were confiscating clothing and food for reasons that are bogus. The police that rule the entire southern district took no mercy on the people as they came in with AR-15 style assault rifles and bull-type shotguns and shot most of them without warning. It was a turkey shoot when one woman saw her husband get mowed down by one young officer that hasn’t even shaved his first hair on his chin yet. She ran to her husband, kneeling down in tears when a sabot slug shotgun shell took her life when it plowed into her head, turning her brain into mincemeat as she is killed instantly.

The day rolled on when somewhere in Washington D.C. that is controlled by the New Noah Dominion casted out thirty people that had more than one child in there stead, making them fall to their knees on the Capital Steps as they looked at the Dictator that is a young child with the taste of insanity and bloodlust. All of them were crying when the child pulled a scroll out of his pocket and commenced to read the laws that are controlled in these borders.

“An action to conceive more than one child is a capital offense in the eyes of New Noah. If you procreate with one woman, you are by here to be married on the rights of taking care of the child until natural death. If one spouse in the marriage has died or become mentally incapacitated then that living spouse has no right to remarry. If you are caught, you have the opportunity to state your case.” The child looked at the one to the farthest right of him, rolling the paper back in the scroll and placing it in his pocket.

All of them pleaded their case, one by one as the child kept silent in their stead. He ordered them after to get on their bellies and look at the steps of the Capital were they committed the ultimate offense. The child pulled a Five Seven out from his back and slid in the first round in the chamber and clamored to the first victim the wept tears on the steps. The bullets are fired into the heads, one by one as the cartridges rattled on the steps of the Capital of New Noah.

In Michigan, the lands are not to be touched. They are reserved for just the animals that are mutating by unknown means. One person went into the land of the unknown and was ripped apart by some monster that stands about seven feet tall with long sharp teeth that have a bite size of a Tiger Shark. His body was never found when the village nearby never went into the lands of the forbidden. Everyone in the village is starving. That is sometime before a cult gathered there and commenced civil war in the village for means of controlling the food. They were put down and a standoff ensued at two o’clock in the afternoon at a two story house in the middle of the village. A sharpshooter took out the leader with a .223 rifle with a high-powered scope as the rest surrendered their arms and filed out of the front door. They were placed up against a brick wall and shot with automatic gunfire and they knew no more of their lives or the rogue cult that died on that day.

In the Death Valley Desert, two men went insane and killed a campground fill of starving people in the course of four days. What they did to their bodies is appalling as they ate their flesh. A meltdown happened in Israel when a half-inch ratchet fell from the walkway grate that is left, priming one of the ICBM’s as it hit the base of it. The nuclear blast wiped out the entire population of Israel along in a diameter of eight countries in the surrounding area. The death toll is in the millions. No one came to the aid of the Middle East as the Palestinians praised for the death of the Israelis. They are brain washed and controlled by a terroristic organization that turned their religion into a slave state. Women died more than men. They all knew about that.

Korea is now all on one state as China became more powerful until Japan decided to nuke China with weapons they secretly compiled over the past fifty years. Korea declared war on Japan as the conflict lasted more than three years. Japan won the war as Korea laid down their arms. Most of them died in the nuclear fallout anyway when Japan is declared the ruler of the east upon many other third world countries that are constantly changing. War is their everyday sentence.

Canada is suffering the worst winter ever imagined when Providences in the country are bordered by armed guards, killing off anyone that decides to sway near the border in medial means. A lot of people die in Canada now as the agents with armed guards killed people, getting use to the killing as another day in the office.

There is an annual killing spree contest that is posted online in the southern regions of former America with a woman named Shay Lee held the highest killing count in the district. The contest is held by the people that are forced to qualify in it. They had no choice as the population decreased in the south. People are dying more than births when the order of redeeming the human population is under condition as the world suffers another Dark Age that will be forgotten in history as the books of the past are burned. The Constitution of the United States is forgotten in the vault that is under the Capital House as it is housed in dark silence. It is never to be repeated again as it is forgotten in the vault that serves a tomb for it after all.

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